War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0481 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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drawbacks are allowed in this country. It is almost universal, but as you already see if it be once allowed there is no limit to which it might be carried.

I trust in all next week to be able to commence loading this first vessel, and that it will not be long after this reaches you before she and probably one of those I am in treaty for reach one of our ports. In this connection it is proper to add that it is an absolute necessary for the proper conduct of this business on the scale it must be carried on that we should have a house in Charleston or some other of our Southern cities, and knowing none who would be more competent to carry it on than my brother James, I have written him that he must go. Being in the commissary office, I fear that he will object, and I beg if he does that you will use your influence with him to go. I know that his desire in this contest is to take that position in which he can do our country the greatest service, and I am more than ever satisfied that the carrying out of this arrangement successfully will do more to aid our Government in controlling prices of goods and appreciating out currency than anything else would, and that therefore he ought to go without consulting his won wishes, and I know he will do so if he is convinced of these facts.

I am very much pleased to see from your favor of February 4 that your opinions are identical with mine in thinking that the business can only be prosecuted successfully by having a depot at the islands and that with very fast steamiest between these and our ports the trips cant be made with almost the regularity of packets. You will see by the contract that I provide for one or more depots, and already Mr. Collis has agent there to look after his interests, and they will also have charge of ours. I trust Mr. Mallory will find it convenient to let me have at least two or three first-rate naval officers to take charge of as many of our steamiest, and I will let you know when I want them sent out. He promised me before I left that I should have them if I concluded to carry this arrangement out. I trust that you will not think that I commit an error and go in violation to your orders in continuing my arrangements without awaiting Major Huse's return. I do not desire to do so, but in any event I look upon prompt action as important, and with Major Ruffin's orders of meat before me it seems that there is not a moment to be lost in preparing to carry out his order. Mr Mason has seen Mr. Erlanger and informs men that the L 55,000 wanted, and assures me that the balance of my wants will be met out of the regular payments to the loan, unless in the meantime or the orders for the money are sent forward by the Treasury Department. I beg, therefore, to suggest that to insure my not being put to any inconvenience on this account that you send me such papers or drafts on the financial agent or on the depositaries as will put it beyond and question. I find that while the purchases of goods,. &c., and sale of cotton will be made through Mr. Collie's several houses here and elsewhere, yet in order to retain control and keep well as to the condition of the accounts it will be necessary for me to open a separate set of books. This will be done in the name of Crenshaw & Hobson. This latter is Lieut. C. L. Hobson, who was sent out with me by Mr. Mallory. He being interested with me in these ventures, will remain here to aid me in carrying them out, and feels the same necessity of resigning his commission that I do, and I beg to inclose herein his resignation* which duplicate* of my own.


* Not found.