War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0478 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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adjusted, and it shall be necessary to determinate the compensation to me made, it shall be lawful to employ the rules and agencies provided in the act of Congress concerning impressment and the general orders aforesaid for that purpose, in the same manner and under the same circumstances as if the impressment has been made since the date of the same.

II. "Conscripts examined pion to the publication of General Orders, No. 22, Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, February 23, 1863, and excused from military service, for reasons announced in that order as insufficient cause for exemption, will be re-examined by the examining board of surgeons for the exemption, will be re-examined by the examining board of surgeons for the different Congressional district, and if not deemed unfit for military dutch under the instructions issued, will be received into service. "

Temporary exemption" will not be given for a "period beyond thirty days. "

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector General.

LONDON, April 11, 1863.


Secretary of War:

SIR: I beg to inclose duplicate of my respects dated 30th of March, ultimo, and am since without any of our favors. I am happy now to have to advise that Major Huse has returned from the Continent, and that I had a conference with him on the 9th instant. In that conversation he informed meant that he had already bought of hat Government, three steamers to run between Bermuda and our ports, and further, that he feared there would be some difficulty in deciding which boats the goods he brought should go on. I reminded him that as Mr. Mason had showed him your letter shafting the basis upon which the business between the Government and myself should be conducted, that the steamers purchased by me valet only carry the goods purchased by Collie and myself. This he expressed surprise at, and said that Isaac, Campbell & Co. were much better prepared to make such purchases, being more familiar with the business than A. Collie & Co., and that he preferred to think the matter over before arriving at any conclusion. To-day I have had another conference with him, the result of which I beg leave to inclose In the shape of a copy of a letter from him. The original I retain. I was extremely anxious that he should give his reasons for declining to fill the medical and ordnance orders through A. Collie & Co. in the same letter, but he insisted that he was very much pressed for time and must postpone it until had more leisure. From what passed verbally I conclude that he is determined that his orders shall continue to be executed through his fiends, Issac, Campbell & Co. . ; but as he will doubtless write to the Department his reasons for this course, it is unnecessary for me to say more just here, except to add that from what I hear of the house I would not select to place my business in their hands. This much I would not say if I did not feel justified by good evidence for saying it.

I omitted in the beginning to say that before Major Huse's arrival I purchased a very fine and fast side-wheel steamer for L 26,000. The only objection to her is that she cost too much money. She is just finished, and will commence taking in cargo next week, as will also