War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0472 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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upon, if it be practicable; but if he cannot do so, he shall give a certificate, according to the second section of the act aforesaid, which shall be paid upon presentation to the disbursing officers, whoated for that purpose.

8. Impressments, which shall be made before the appointment of the commissioners designated in the fifth section of the aforesaid, shall notwithstanding be legal, and the cases provided for by that section a portion of the property shall be retained as samples, so that the price may be settled and compensation adjusted according to the provisions of the same.

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector General.


ADJT. AND INSP. GENERAL'S OFFICE, No. 38. Richmond, April 7, 1863.

I. The following provision of an act of the Legislature of Virginia passed March 26, 1863, is, by direction of the President, published for the information and guidance of such officers and soldiers of the C. S. Army as it concerns:

7. Be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Governor of the Commonwealth to issue his proclamation giving notice to the qualified voters of the State in the military service of the Confederate States, or who may be absent from them country of corporation of their residence, because of the presence of the public enemy, of their right to vote for members of the General Assembly, by virtue of the provisions of the first, second, and fourth sections of the ordinance passed by the conception of Virginia (no. 99) on the sixth day of December, 1861. And also to all whom it may concern, of the passage of this act, and of the right and duties set forth in its provisions; and it shall further be his duty to request the President of the Confederate States to issue an order to all commandants of camps, posts, and detachments in command of Virginia troops requiring them to give their aid in the due execution of the ordinance aforesaid and of this act.

II. Cadets on attaining their majority will be examined and if found competent will be prompted to the grade of second lieutenant in the arm of the service to which they are attached. Commanders of armies in the field are charged with the assembling of the requisite boards.

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector General.


Richmond, Va., April 7, 1`863.

His Excellency John G. SHORTER,

Governor of Alabama, Montgomery, Ala.:

SIR: I have received your letter in reference to the conversion of steamers at Mobile into vessels for running the blockade. In reply I have the honor to say that the Department has not contemplated seizing or employing in exporting any of the mere river steamers. The Alabama, represented as a sea-going vessel peculiarly adapted to running the blockade, it is the purpose of the Department to buy