War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0458 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Richmond, Va., March 25, 1863.

His Excellency Z. B. VANCE,

Governor of North Carolina, Raleigh, N. C.:

SIR: Your letter* to Colonel August of the 20th instant has been referred to this Bureau, and I regret that circumstances have arisen impairing that harmony necessary for a proper execution of the law of conscription. So far from opposition, we have calculated on your assistance in this matter, and I had already written to the commandant of conscripts for North Carolina"that whenever the wishes of His Excellency the Governor can be accorded with without clear infraction of law it is desirable to do so" The law exempts judicial and executive officers of State governments, except those liable to militia duty. This, your will readily perceive, must be the rule of guidance foe the agents of this Bureau, and there are no means short of supernatural power for them to know outside of the law of such employees Your Excellency wishes to be exempted. Hence, forbearance is respectfully asked until reference can be had with Bureau, with which you are cordially invited to correspond, believing that between us of the same State no difference can occur in such matters the legality of which Colonel August in his duties as commandant of conscripts in North Carolina.

I am, sir, very respectfully,ervant,


Brigadier-General and Superintendent.

[MARCH 25, 1863. -For Vance to Seddon, reporting enrollment and arrest of conscripts in Western North Carolina, by General Pillow, without authority of law, see Series Ii, VOL. V, p. 857.]

GENERAL ORDERS,] ADJT. AND INST. GENERAL'S OFFICE, No. 33. Richmond, March 26, 1863.

I. The corps of officers for ordnance duty will hereafter be composed exclusively as follows, viz:

1. Officers of the Regular Confederate Army, detailed by the War Department for ordnance duty.

2. Officers of the provisional artillery appointed under the act of Congress April 21, 1862.

3. Officers of the provisional artillery for ordnance duty, appointed under act of 16th September, 1862 (including at present those on duty under General Orders, No. 12, 1863.)

4. Officers of artillery in the Provisional Army and volunteer corps, appointed under act of Congress approved January 22, 1862, and detailed on ordnance duty by the War Department.

5. Officers of the Niter and Mining Bureau, appointed, under act of Congress.

II. Officers heretofore assigned to ordnance duty, under provisions of General Orders, No. 24 and No. 46, of 1862, although not forming


* Not found.