War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0439 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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detached service, and by him intrusted to Captain Sawyer, another officer on detached service. Booth of these orders direct the officers receiving them to arrest an officer and disband and conscribed a corps serving under my command, without any reference to me.

Fourth. Finally, although the order given by General Pillow purports to be given by direction of the Secretary of War, there is nothing whatever to authenticate it or to authorize me to regard it as official, as may be perceived by reference to the papers herewith submitted.

For these reasons I have not felt authorized either to execute the orders myself or to permit Captain Sawyer to attempt to do so (thereby risking an almost inevitable mutiny and demoralization of the whole of Captain Lewis' command) without applying for further instructions upon the subject. In declining to do so I have been seriously desirous to avoid even the semblance of disrespect to General Pillow or any other officer concerned, and hope that my course will meet with approval of the Bureau and the War Department.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major, Commanding.

[Inclosure No. 9.]

KNOXVILLE, TEN., March 9, 1863.

Lieut. Colonel GEORGE W. LAY,

Asst. Adjt. Gen., Bureau of Conscription, Richmond, Va.:

COLONEL: I have permitted Lieutenant Butler to visit Richmond, at his own expense, in order that he may furnish the Department with any information that may be required relating to the condition of this department. General Pillow still retains his position as chief of Conscript and Volunteer Bureau and refuses to allow Lieutenant Butler to resume the system required in Orders No. 82. He has also extended his operations to this portion of the State and sent officers into towns to procure volunteers, without regard to their enrollment. As the men thus received are accepted as volunteers, I fear the result will be inextricable confusion. I beg leave to acknowledge the receipt of your communication requiring me to report the number enrolled in East Tennessee, but as this is contained in my last return I presume you referred to Middle Tennessee, and I shall therefore make every effort to obtain the required information, although I could find no record of the operation of the law there since the 15th of December, 1862, but what was contained in my last report.

I have inclosed the return of conscripts received in East Tennessee during the last month. * The number transferred to regiments will exceed the number then reported. As soon as all the reports be received from recruiting officers I would respectfully recommend that the men collected by these officers be assembled at the camps of instruction, and be sent from them, under guard, to regiments at Mobile or Vicksburg. Under the present system the conscripts are easily induced to enter their names with the recruiting officers for regiments stationed near their homes, for no other reason than that [they] may have a better opportunity of deserting. All the conscripts form East Tennessee should be sent out of this section of the country. They are generally an ignorant class, who are easily affected by surrounding infned at Mobile or Vicks-


*Not found.