War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0438 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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verbal instructions which, according to my understanding of them, differ very materially from the course I find pursued by the enrolling officer of this district, especially as regards exemptions. Please to furnish me as early as convenient a copy of said Order No. 82 of 1862, dated January 8, 1863, and also specify instructions with regard to exemptions to owners or oversees of slaves.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain Company D, Nineteenth Regiment S. C. Vols.

My post-office is Chappell's Depot, Greenville and Columbia Railroad, South Carolina.



Respectfully returned to the War Department. The remarks called for by this paper are embodied in the general views of a communication of this date from the superintendent to the Secretary of War.

By order of the superintendent:

G. W. LAY,

Lieutenant-Colonel, Assistant Adjutant-General.

[Inclosure No. 8.]


Talladega, Ala., March 8 1863.

Lieut. Colonel A. C. JONES,

Asst. Adjt. Gen., Bureau of Conscription, Richmond, Va.:

COLONEL: Herewith I inclose copies of a letter (marked No. 6) sent yesterday to Major Swanson with accompanying papers No. 1 to No. 5, inclusive. * The urgency of the case will be my apology for deviating thus far-if indeed it be a deviation-from the prescribed channel of correspondence in case any accident should have occurred to retard the transmission of my dispatches sent to Major Swanson.

Permit me also to add that I cannot doubt that there is some misunderstanding at the bottom of General Pillow's order, for several reasons:

First. In the first place Captain Lewis was sent to my assistance, not from the Army of Tennessee, but from the District of the Gulf, first by order of General Forney, afterward recalled and again sent back by General Buckner.

Second. Whatever offense may have been committed by Captain Lewis, I cannot suppose that it is intended by the War Department to visit it upon the officers and men of his command, by having them dismounted, disbanded, and conscribed as infantry, as directed by General Pillow.

The above considerations, however, would of course not occasion me to hesitate a moment in obeying an order properly authenticated, as coming from the Secretary of War-but

Third. I have received no order upon the subject. Two different orders have been exhibited to me, one sent by General Pillow, of the Army of Tennessee, to Major Chambliss, commanding a post in the District of the Gulf, and by him forwarded to me, who belongs to neither of those commands; the other sent by General Pillow to Lieutenant-Colonel Echols, an officer of the Army of Tennessee, on


*Inclosures not found.