War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0437 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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I am under direct orders from the Bureau of Conscription to turn over to the Army of Tennessee all available men as fast as they can be prepared for the field. A detachment of nearly 200 has recently been forwarded in pursuance of this order. The camp had been well drained just previous to the reception of that order, and the conscripts are now coming in very slowly on account of the operations of recruiting officers recently sent out in pursuance of the circular of the 8th ultimo from the War Departmenore, able to furnish you at present with only thirty-three men, and even these are not properly "prepared for the field. " Deducting these, my morning report shows 149 men present for duty, including the permanent guard retained by express authority of the Secretary of War; some half-clad men recently brought in, for whom I am endeavoring to procure clothing, &c.

I have no arms or equipments except a few furnished by the Chief of Ordnance, with the approval of the War Department, for special use at this camp, and so far from being able to spare these, I have only received about one-third of the number ordered to be sent me.

The two companies of partisan rangers alluded to in your orders are a portion of General Buckner's command sent here temporarily on special duty in suppressing rebellion, enforcing the conscription laws, &c. I presume the error may have arisen from the camp of instruction being confounded with the adjacent military post of Talladega, which is properly under the control of the department commander, though the camp is not.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major, Commanding.

[Inclosure No. 6.]

BROOKHAVEN, February 20, 1863.

General G. J. RAINS:

Lieut. James A. Lee, of the Seventh Mississippi Regiment, now on recruiting duty in this State, informs me that his orders from General Pillow are that he will have nothing to do with camp of instruction, and will enroll all men between the ages of eighteen and forty who are not legally exempt, whether discharged from the army or conscript camps, if within his judgment they will make good soldiers. There are a great many officers from that army who are acting under same instructions from the complaints made against them.


Major, &c.

[Inclosure No. 7.]

CHAPPELL'S DEPOT, S. C., March 6, 1863.


SIR: I have been detailed to "proceed to that section of the State in which my regiment was raised for the purpose of recruiting volunteers, enrolling conscripts, and conducting to my command," and instructed to "be governed by the acts of conscription and exemption and regulations in connection therewith, published in General Orders, No. 82, of 1862, dated Adjutant and Inspector-General's Office, Richmond, January 8, 1863. "

In addition to the written (or printed) instructions from Brigadier-General Pillow, chief of Conscript Bureau, I also received some