War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0425 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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their proper commands, viz: Regimental quartermasters will furnish to officers of their regiments about to leave their commands on detached duty certificates of last payment made by them to such officers, which certificates will be deposited with the pay officer making the next payment, who will, on such further payment, give the officers a like certificate. Payments to officers absent from their appropriate commands, except those placed on detached duty by competent authority, and sick and wounded officers absent by like authority, are expressly prohibited.

V. General hospitals will be under the supervision and control of medical directors specially selected for the purpose and announced as such in orders from this office. Medical directors of armies, army corps, and departments will not interfere with this arrangement in respect to the general hospitals.

VI. Doubts having arisen in respect to the mode of addressing communications, and in passing them through the channel provided in the thirty-fourth article of General Regulations, it is hereby directed that the party making the communication will address himself to the staff officer of the general or other commanding officer who may have the right finally to decide on the question or application presented; and if the subject-matter of the communication be such as to require the action of the War Department, it will be addressed to the Adjutant and Inspector General through the usual channel. All communications in the ascending line will be passed through the several intermediate commanders until they reach the officer having the final control. For example: Communications from the members of a company will pass through the commander of the company; thence to the commander of the battalion or regiment; thence to the commander of the brigade; thence to the division commander; next to the commander of the army corps, and finally to the general commanding in chief, for their several remarks; and if further reference be required, to the Adjutant and Inspector-General.

VII. All recommendations from officers of the Army for military appointments to be conferred will, besides giving the character and qualifications of the person recommended, name the State in which he was born, and of which he claims to be a citizen.

VIII. Paragraph II, General Orders, No. 97, December 1, 1862, may be so modified as to read: "Officers and agents of the Quartermaster's Department are hereby ordered not to interfere with leather purchased or contracted for by officers or agents of or contractors with the Ordnance Department. "

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector-General.


Richmond, March 13, 1863.

Hon. F. S. LYON,

House of Representatives:

SIR: To reconcile the various difficulties that arose in the execution of the two conscript acts, the repeal of the first exemption act, and the enactment of the second, the Department settled-

First. That neither of the exemptions applied to persons who were already in the Army, the first conscription act having recited the