War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0410 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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been furnished by that Bureau with a schedule exhibiting the nature and quantities of the articles needed, and in purchasing and arranging for the payment of them. You are desired to consult and be guided by the advice of Major Caleb Huse, who has been for some time in England acting as the agent, first of the Ordnance Bureau, and more recently of the Department generally in its purchases and payments. You are likewise expected and desired while abroad to perform other duties less directly connected with the service of this Department, suffering under the exigencies of the times for many articles essential to their efficiency. Several of the leading railroad companies of the Confederacy have combined in an effort to procure the needed supply by purchase and importation from Europe. Their success is scarcely less important to this Department than to the public and themselves, and consequently I have consented to afford them such reasonable facilities in effecting their object as the Department can conveniently command. They repose great confidence in the experience, knowledge, and judgment which your past connection with railroad operations and your professional acquirements will afford, and believe that you can most efficiently, as an agent for them, manage the selection, purchase, and shipment of the supplies they require. With your own concurrence, you are therefore authorized and desired while in Europe to act as such agent, and to render to these companies all the assistance in your power in the accomplishment of their enterprise. You will in such capacity receive full instructions from them as to the articles needed and their proposed mode of effecting their purchases, payments, and shipments. You will be provided with funds and such other aids as in their power to render, and in these respects you will be responsible to them, and be careful not to engage the responsibility of this Department for their transaction. Should any additional facilities appear to you as within the power o to render these railroad companies you will report them, and take the instructions of the Department before engaging to afford them. You will employ such dispatch as may be consistent with the full accomplishment of both the objects of your mission, and then return to your valuable services in the field, from which you have been reluctantly spared and without application on your part.

Very respectfully, yours,


Secretary of War.



Richmond, February 25, 1863.

I. The senior surgeons of commands entitled to medical directors will be detailed as medical directors for such commands. Whenever, however, the interest of the service shall require a departure from this rule, medical directors for commands will be recommended by the Surgeon-General and announced in orders from this office.

II. Paragraph VI, Special Orders, No. 79, and paragraph II, Special Orders, No. 80, of last series from this office, directing medical purveyors and reports of supplies on hand emanating from Surgeon E. W. Johns, medical purveyor, are hereby revoked; and hereafter all reports will be made direct to the Surgeon-General, and all instructions to medical purveyors will emanate from his office.