War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0406 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Richmond, February 19, 1863.

I. General or other officers commanding army corps or departments will cause full returns of artillery, ammunition, and other ordnance stores at the various forts and batteries within their commands to be prepared without delay.

The chief of ordnance of each army corps or department will be held responsible that these returns are forwarded to the chief of the Bureau of Ordnance at Richmond within twenty days after the receipt of this order, and will thereafter see that the returns required by paragraph 1348, Army Regulations, are regularly forwarded.

II. All ordnance and ordnance stores, including cavalry equipments captured from the enemy by partisan rangers, shall be assessed by competent officers under orders of the commanding general, entered upon the rolls, and paid for by any ordnance officer upon receipt for the money from the men entitled to the property, and a property certificate signed by the officer commanding the company, squadron, battalion, or regiment of rangers, as the case may be. The rolls must state distinctly the company, battalion, or regiment to which the arms are assigned, in order that the commanding officer of the same may be charged with the property on the books of the Treasury.

III. Paragraphs 117, 118, and 119, Army Regulations (being contrary to law), are hereby revoked; and no enlisted man in the service of the Confederate States will be employed as a servant by any officer of the Army.

IV. When a non-commissioned officer, musician, or private entitled to a furlough under the acts of Congress approved December 11, 1861, and April 16, 1862, shall elect to receive the commutation value in money in lieu of transportation to his home and back, the quartermaster of his regiment will promptly pay his account therefor, upon h is certificate, approved by his company and regimental commanders, that communication is justly due him in lieu of a furlough.

V. In making such payments quartermasters will estimate the amount due in each case at 2 1/2 cents per mile for the distance the soldier would, if upon furlough, be compelled to travel to and from his home.

VI. Company commanders will be required to state, upon their muster and pay rolls, payments made under these orders, opposite the name of the soldier so paid.

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector-General.

RICHMOND, VA., February 19, 1863.

Governor J. E. BROWN,

Milledgeville, Ga.:

Your dispatch of the 18th received. Secretary of War will give instructions and will write to you on the subject.


AN ACT to authorize the issue of bonds for funding Treasury notes.

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized to issue