War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0395 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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paid by the War Department also) the wages of her commander and crew, as the tonnage of freights shipped in that ship and on that voyage shall be of the whole tonnage of the whole cargo shipped in that ship and on that voyage.

As it will be necessary to have upon this subject the definite decision and action this afternoon of the directory of this company, and to-morrow at noon of a convention of the railroad companies interested, may I ask of you the favor to indorse on this letter (of which a copy can be retained in the Department) your written statement confirming, or if necessary modifying, the understanding herein expressed, so that these meetings of the directory and of the convention may have, respectively, a written definite proposition to act upon.

Your prompt reply will greatly oblige,

With much respect, your obedient servant,

P. V. DANIEL, Jr.,


[First indorsement.]

FEBRUARY 26, 1863.

The Department can make no contract with the railroad companies for the shipment from abroad of such needed supplies for their roads as they may buy, for its own arrangement for the procurement and employment of suitable vessels for running the blockade and making such shipment are as yet too contingent and uncertain to justify its coming under any positive engagements. The Department, however, fully appreciates the importance to the public service that these railroad supplies should be obtained as early and with as little risk as possible, and gives its assurance of willingness, in case its expected arrangements are completed, and it can command the requisite vessels, to allow the supplies of the road to be shipped on its vessels, the road either taking a share in the venture of ship and cargo for the voyage proportionate to the value of their lading or paying freight at the existing rates on vessels proposing to run the blockade.


Secretary of War.

[Second indorsement.]

The railroad companies referred to in the above indorsement are authorized to send that indorsement with their instructions to Captain Robinson, of the Con[federate] service, who is expected to act as their agent in procuring abroad necessary supplies, and he will be at liberty to exhibit the same to Major Huse or Mr. William G. Crenshaw, or any other agent of this Department who may, under its instructions, have shipping at command for transportation of supplies to satisfy them of the views of this Department.


Secretary of War.


ADJT. AND INSP. GENERAL'S OFFICE, No. 17. Richmond, February 13, 1863.

I. The following additional appointments under the act of October 9, 1862, providing for the establishment of military courts, are announced for the information of all concerned:

Lieut. Gen. J. C. Pemberton's corps: George B. Wilkinson, president judge, Mississippi; John J. Good, Texas; Henry W. Allen, Louisiana; John P. McMillan, judge-advocate, Missouri.