War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0392 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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AN ACT making appropriations for the support of the Government, for the period from February first to June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, inclusive, and to supply deficiencies arising prior thereto.

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That there be appropriated and paid out of any money in the Treasury, not otherwise appropriated, the following sums of money, and for the following purposes, viz:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

War Department. -For compensation of the Secretary of War, Assistant Secretary, Chief of Bureau, clerks, messengers, &c., in said Department, ninety-six thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars.

For incidental and contingent expenses of the War Department, fifty-four thousand dollars.

Quartermaster's Department. -For the pay of the Army, one hundred and nineteenth million two hundred and seventy thousand seven hundred and seventy-one dollars.

For the transportation of troops and their baggage, of quartermaster's stores, subsistence, ordnance, and ordnance stores from place of purchase to troops in the field; purchase of horses, mules wagons, and harness; purchase of lumber, nails, iron, and steel for erecting store-houses, quarters for troops, and other repairs; hire of teamsters, laborers, &c., forty-seven million seven hundred and eight thousand three hundred and eight dollars.

For pay for horses of non-commissioned officers and privates killed in battle, under act No. 48, section 7, and for which provision is to be made, one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars.

For pay for property pressed into the service of the Confederate States, under appraisement, said property having been either lost or applied to the public service, one hundred and eighty-seven thousand five hundred dollars.

For the sustenance of prisoners of war, under act No. 181, section 1, and the hire of the necessary prisons, guard-houses, &c., for the safe-keeping of the same, or so much thereof as may be necessary, one million dollars.

For the bounty of fifty dollars to each non-commissioned officers, musician, and private now in the service for three years or for the war, to be paid at the expiration of the first year's service, on the basis that sixty thousand men will have to be paid, three million dollars.

For pay of the officers on duty in the offices of Adjutant and Inspector-General's Department, the Quartermaster-General's Department, Medical, Engineer, Ordnance, and Subsistence Departments, three hundred and twenty-three thousand three hundred and fifty dollars.

Commissary Department. -For the purchase of subsistence stores and commissary property, forty-eight million six hundred and fifty-six thousand five hundred dollars.

Ordnance Department. -For the ordnance service in all its branches, twelve million five hundred thousand dollars.

For the purchase of pig and rolled iron, three million dollars.

For the purchase and manufacture of niter, four hundred thousand dollars.

Engineer Department. -For the engineer service, three million dollars.

Medical Department. -For pay of private physicians employed by contract, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.