War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0389 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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honor to say that no objection is entertained to the shipment of cotton (on payment of the export duty) to neutral ports, and the introduction of such materials, &c., as may be required by the railroad indicated. A permit is not needed under the law, but if required is hereby given.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary of War.


Richmond, February 7, 1863.


I have this day received the following resolution:

Resolved, That the President be requested to inform this House whether private property of citizens not in the Army has been seized and confiscated by his order or not; and if it has been, for what offense and under what law such seizure and confiscation have been ordered,

And reply that no private property of citizens, either in or not in the Army, has been seized and confiscated by my order.



ADJT. AND INSP. GENERAL'S OFFICE, No. 16. Richmond, February 7, 1863.

I. The special measures instituted in the circular from this office of the 8th of January, ultimo, were intended to aid, and in nowise to supersede the operation and rules of the regularly established system of conscription. Reports have been received that officers thus sent from the Army have been particularly setting aside the system, decisions, and exemptions established under the authority of the commandants of conscripts in the respective States, and are neglecting to make to those officers any returns of the conscripts gathered by them.

It is hereby ordered that all officers acting under the authority of the circular in question shall refrain from interference with any conscripts already in the custody of the officers regularly on conscription duty, and shall assert no claim over them, otherwise than by estimates on the commandants for the quota to which their regiments shall be entitled, under the principle of pro rata distribution; also, that they shall respect certificates of exemptions issued by regular enrolling officers, reporting for decision of the commandants any case in which the exemption may appear to them to have been improperly granted; that in no case shall they themselves grant certificates of exemption or detail; that in all doubtful cases or cases of appeal from their decision, they shall refer to the regular enrolling officers or the commandants, and that the shall furnish to the local enrolling officers, or the commandants of conscripts for the State, descriptive lists of all persons within conscript ages recruited or gathered by them.

II. The commandants of conscripts, in making their reports to the Bureau of Conscription, will return separately the conscripts gathered and reported to them under the system instituted by the circular above referred to.

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector General.