War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0382 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Grenada, January 23, 1863.

Hon. J. A. SEDDON,

Secretary of War, Richmond:

DEAR SIR: I find it almost impossible, and it will soon be quite so, to keep our road and its equipments in repair and running order. We are in great need of all materials used in repairs and construction. One-half of our engines are now useless for the want of materials to repair them; our cars are in a dilapidated quantity of the rails on our road have been permanently injured by our own army and that of the enemy. All of our workshops and many of our passenger and freight houses have been burned by direction of our military authorities. Unless we can procure articles necessary for the repairs of our road and equipments, I do not see how our road is to be kept in running order for more than six months longer. I desire to import articles of immediate necessity, and would make the attempt if I could command the means of payment. I cannot procure gold or sterling exchange. I desire permission to be granted to this company to export cotton, an article I can procure to the amount necessary to pay for the articles that it is necessary for me to procure, and that such cotton shall have safe conduct through the Confederate lines. It will require an expenditure of $500,000 to put our road and its equipments in as good repair as it was one year ago.

I am, with respect, your obedient servant,



Abstract of summary statement showing quantity and value of army supplies purchased and shipped by Major C. Huse on account Confederate States Government.

One hundred and thirty-one thousand one hundred and twenty-nine stand of arms, as follows: Seventy thousand nine hundred and eighty long Enfield rifles, 9,715 short Enfield rifles, 354 carbine Enfield rifles, 27,000 Austrian rifles, 21,040 British muskets, 20 small-bore Enfield, 2,020 Brunswick rifles, at a cost including cases, molds, kegs, screw-drivers, &c., of pounds 417,263 9s 11d.

One hundred and twenty-nine cannon, as follows: Fifty-four 6-pounder bronze guns, smooth; 18 howitzer bronze guns, smooth; 6 12-pounder iron guns, rifled; 2 howitzers, iron; carriages and caissons for same; 6 rifled Blakely cannon; 6 3. 10-inch carriages for same; 18,000 shells for same; 2,000 fuses; 3 rifled cannon, 8-inch Blakely; 680 shells for same; 12 rifled steel guns, 12-pounders; shot, shell, &c., for same; 32 bronze guns, rifled (Austrian), with caissons, &c., complete; 10,000 shrapnel shells and fuses for same; 2 bronze guns, rifled; 200 shells and fuses; 756 shrapnel shell, round; 9,820 wooden fuses; 4 steel cannon, rifled, 9-pounders; 1,008 shells and fuses for same; 220 sets harness; spare parts artillery harness, &c., all costing pounds 96,746 1s 8d.

One thousand two hundred and twenty-six cavalry equipments, 16,178 cavalry sabers, 5,392 cavalry saber-belts, 5,392 cavalry saber-knots, 1,360 cavalry Humnals [sic], 1,386 cavalry surcingles and pads; total expended for cavalry, pounds 20,321 12s 3d.