War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0380 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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II. The stores fabricated and deposited at these posts are to be drawn out on requisitions, as designated in section V, Ordnance Regulations.

III. Officers stationed at the arsenals and depots will, on their first arrival, report in person or by letter to the commanding general of the department, and will obtain leave of absence from him; but while liable to requisitions made upon the arsenal or armory, as provided above, are subject to orders only from the War Department, through the Ordnance Bureau.

IV. The quartermasters' depots at Augusta, Atlanta, and Columbus, Ga., and at Montgomery and Huntsville, Ala., having been established by the direction of the War Department to supply the necessities of the Army at large, are placed under the special control of the Quartermaster-General, though subject to the inspection of the commanding officers of the departments in which they are located. Issues from these depots will be made by order of the Quartermaster-General, upon requisitions of chief quartermasters, approved by commanding generals.

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector General.

Consolidated report of the Army of the Confederate States of America, January, 1863.

[Found with papers of the Quartermaster-General C. S. Army.]

Department Commander Effectiv Aggregat

e e

Northern Virginia General R. E. 88,884 153,958


South Carolina, General G. T. 21,353 32,212

Georgia, and Florida Beauregard

Department of the James Major-General 18,200 21,170

and North Carolina Smith

Department North of the Major-General 6,225 10,033

James Elzey

Department of Tennessee General B. Bragg 51,030 88,484

Department of the Gulf General S. B. 7,345 10,395


Southwestern Virginia Major Gen. S. 4,000 6,700


District of Louisiana Major Gen. R. 6,882 7,233


Trans-Mississippi General T. H. 50,000 50,000

Department Holmes

Department of the General Pemberton 56,600 70,240


Wilmington District General Whiting 6,000 7,160

Department of East General E. K. 8,600 15,419

Tennessee Smith

Grand total and


325,119 473,004



ADJT. AND INSP. GENERAL'S OFFICE, No. 14. Richmond, February 3, 1863.

I. The second clause, paragraph IV, of General Orders, No. 72, of 1862, is hereby revoked.

The fourth clause of same paragraph is amended as follows:

On a certificate of disability, with recommendation for furlough or discharge, signed in due form by examining board and approved by the senior surgeon of the post, the commander of the post may grant the soldier a furlough not to exceed thirty days and submit the application for a longer period to the general to whose command the soldier may belong, or he may refer, without granting the furlough, to the discretion of said commanding general.

II. The superintendent of the Niter and Mining Bureau is authorized and directed to enforce existing contracts of the Government in iron, lead, and other munitions. When iron and other articles thus contracted for and needed for the service are ascertained to have been