War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0374 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Second. In the event that a road is taken, three commissioners to be appointed to make an inventory of the property and its condition, one to be appointed by the President of the Confederate States, one by the Board of Directors of the road to be taken, and one by the Governor of the State in which the road to be taken may have its domicile.

Third. The road and property taken to be returned at the end of the war in like good order and condition as when taken, and 4 per cent. per annum to be paid semi-annually upon the cost of the work taken as it stands upon the books of the company.

Fourth. Roads taken to be under the management of the officer having charge of Government transportation by railroad, whose duty it shall be to cause to be kept an exact account with each road, crediting each with its earnings, which shall include all Government transportation, as though worked by the company owning it, and debited with all its expenses, including the 4 per cent. provided to be paid the company. The officer having charge of this branch of service to give such bond and be governed by such rules as may be prescribed by the Secretary of War.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Shelbyville, January 26, 1863.


Principal Assistant for Middle Tennessee:

Colonel Avery has instructions to sweep the county of Lincoln, arresting stragglers, absentees, deserters, and all men liable to the operations of the conscript law and bring them in to you. Having performed that duty, you will hold him in hand and use his command as actively as possible in gathering up stragglers and conscripts in the counties of Franklin, Lincoln, Giles, Lawrence, and in that portion of North Alabama laying along the Tennessee line within the counties above indicated. I will put a working force in the other counties myself. I inclose you a copy of General Orders, No. --. * You will furnish copies of it to your surgeons. You will find also a copy of the instructions under which this working force is placed in the field on this duty. + You will give like instructions to Colonel Avery on the duty to which you may assign him. For the present leave that command under your orders for the service in the counties indicated above. You will exercise your own judgment as to the best plan of operations, but accomplish the work in the shortest possible time consistent with its proper execution. In very bad weather it will be proper to suspend the work and avoid exposing Avery's command too much. The roads will soon become so very bad that small commands, barely enough to perform the duty assigned, should be sent out.

I have applied to General Bragg to provide you a surgeon. I shall proceed to Columbia to-morrow to organize subdepartments below and direct the operations of two other regiments of cavalry I have in hand. From there I will proceed to Huntsville.



Brigadier-General, C. S. Army, Chief of Bureau.


*Not found as an inclosure and not otherwise identified.

+See Series I, VOL. XX, Part II, p. 498.