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TABLE NO. 4. - Exhibition the total population of the State by the census of 1860; total population of the districts assessed by war-tax assessors 1861, and the total population of districts not assessed.

Total population, white, free, colored, and shave in

State of Virginia by census of 1860. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,595,814

Total in districts assessed for war tax, 1861. . . . . . . . 1,201,331


Total in districts unassessed for war tax, 1861. . . . . . 394,438


Chief Collector C. S. War Tax for Virginia.

[JANUARY 10, 1863. -For Shorter to Davis, in relation to affairs in Alabama, see Series I, VOL. XV, p. 939.]

[JANUARY 10, 1863. - For Lee to Seddon, representing the absolute necessity of increasing the Confederate armies, &c., see Series I, VOL. XXI, p. 1085.]

[JANUARY 10, 1863. - For Seddon to Pettus, in relation to conscripts in Mississippi State organizations, see Series I, VOL. LII, Part II, p. 405.]


Colonel D. J. GODWIN,

Enrolling Officer:

SIR: I have just received yours of the 7th instant. Your course so far appears judicious, and is approved. You will do well to let the company proposed to be raised by Mr. Clopton be constituted, whether of conscripts or others, as soon as possible. Also, let Captain Littleton's commanded be filled up, and I have authorized the Rev. Mr. Allen (formerly a preacher in Gloucester County), who has a half-formed company in Caroline, to complete, if he can, his company out of conscripts or others in Mathews or Gloucester. I regard your position and the course to be pursued by you as rather exceptional, and have so instructed the Conscript Bureau, established since you left, with General Rains at its head, through which, however, you will report, and receive hereafter any instructions. The conscripts in Gloucester and Mathews, and perhaps in several other neighboring counties of the Northern Neck, are not strictly within the enemy's lines, yet so subject to their control or interference as to render the regular enforcement of the conscript law in relation to them almost impossible. I therefore authorize you to engage them in service or get them out to our camps of instruction in the readiest and most efficient way practicable. As soon as you have organized any company or companies you will employ them to aid in enrolling and sending out all others liable to conscription, and at the same time to repress turbulence or disorder among the slaves or others, and to intimidate and restrain the depredations of the enemy.

Your action in regard to the blockade-runners involves delicate discretion, and must be regulated by your best judgement. All trade with the enemy is demoralizing and illegal, and should, of course, be discountenanced, but at the same time, situated as the people to a