War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0309 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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that might be formed in such places as to which the conscription acts had been suspended or cannot be enforced by reason of the occupation of the enemy, under and according to the first and second sections of the act of the 8th of May, 1861, providing for the raising of additional forces to serve during the war. The Department will, under the terms of that act, accept companies or other organizations that may be formed under it by the direction of

Your Excellency.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary of War.

EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT, Richmond, Va., January 9, 1863.


In response to you resolution adopted on the 8th instant I state:

First. That from the information I have received the force under General Floyd amounts to about 3,600 men. This information was received from Colonel Clarkson on a recent visit to this city.

Second. When the State Line was organized the conscript law, as it then stood, embraced persons liable to militia duty between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five years. In the loyal portion of the State, where the conscript law could be executed, General Floyd, so far as I am informed and believe, received only such persons as were under eighteen and over thirty-five years of age. Any conscripts that may be found in the State Line have come from the disloyal counties of Virginia and from the State of Tennessee and Kentucky; and these were received in pursuance of an understanding and agreement between the then Secretary of War and General Floyd. Some of the officers under General Floyd are within the conscript age; but all such were appointed with the knowledge and concurrence of the War Department. General Floyd has acted in perfect good faith in his efforts to raise the State Line, and has studiously endeavored to avoid conflicts with the Confederate authorities.

Third. Reference to the eighth PAGEof my message, sent in the first day of the session, will furnish the answer to the last inquiry. It will be found under the head of "Expenses of the war. " The report of Colonel Smoot, therein referred to, given details showing the amounts expended and the objects for which the expenditures were incurred. This report has been in the hands of the Public Printer for several days, and will be delivered, I suppose, in a short time.




Hon. T. S. BOCOCK,

Speaker House of Representatives, Confederate States of America:

SIR: I have the honor to submit the following report of the condition of this Department. The statements for the last year were made up to the 18th of February, 1862, the termination of the Provisional Government. From the commencement of the permanent Government