War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0303 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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enrolled as a conscript? Please give me written instructions on all the points referred to in my letter and oblige, &c.,

D. J. G.,

Colonel, &c.

I also inclose the application of J. D. Ailsworth and P. G. Dudley to be authorized to run through our lines such goods as our army may need. I have no doubt by licensing good men it would result advantageously to our cause. That, however, is a matter to be determined by you. If authorized, I could select good and reliable men. Instruct me fully. Excuse haste, &c.

D. J. G.,

Colonel, &c.

[Inclosure No. 1.]

GLOUCESTER COURT-HOUSE, December 30, 1862.


Secretary of War:

DEAR SIR: About the 22d of August last authority was sent to me from the War Department to raise one or two companies of partisan rangers in the county of Gloucester and those adjacent. Such a company as would be of any service had not been fully raised by me when I was taken by the Yankees and paroled. The men who had joined are still extremely anxious to get the company up, and have obtained the consent of Dr. Thomas C. Clopton, of this county, to take charge of it. I write to ask that if possible the authority given to me, and which I now return, may be transferred to him. He has had a good deal of experience as a cavalry officer, and from his great energy and general character I know of no one so well calculated to make such a company useful. He can hand you a copy of the names of the men already enrolled, and if they can be transferred to him, as soon as he has the authority to raise a company, by me, the men will prefer it, and he can soon raise a very fine company. We are utterly unprotected here, and even small force under the control of a brave but prudent man will tend very much to help us, especially if Lincoln's proclamation shall have much effect on the slaves.

Very respectfully,





Gloucester County, Va.:

SIR: Upon the recommendation of General Lee you are authorized to raise one or two companies of partisan rangers (cavalry or infantry) for the defense of Gloucester and the adjacent counties, yourself to be commissioned captain of the first company, and John K. Littleton, of King and Queen, of the second, if it should be organized, from the date of muster into service. These companies must be regularly enlisted for three years or the war, on the same terms as other volunteers, receiving the same bounty, subsistence or commutation, pay, &c., under the same regulations, and they must be fully organized with the requisite minimum numbers of men, and regularly mustered into the C. S. Service. In the absence of a mustering officer you are authorized to muster the companies into service, and you will