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be transported, to be reported by telegraph or letter to the superintendent of the road over which the same may have to pass in order that he may be prepared for the same; to make immediately a full and accurate report of the amount and condition of his rolling-stock and the general condition and wants of his road, and in the event of any change in his rolling-stock or road to report the same. My object in obtaining the information in reference to the rolling-stock, condition, and wants of the several roads in the country is to enable me to aid those in want so far as may be in the power of the Government to supply. If you agree to this plan of carrying on Government transportation you will please notify me at Richmond, Va., and instruct your superintendent to enter upon the discharge of his duties in accordance with it immediately. On the other hand, if you object to the plan, or to your superintendent acting as my assistant, be pleased to notify me, in order that I may provide some other manner of superintending and conducting Government transportation over your road.

I remain, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General.

Consolidated abstract from returns of the Confederate forces on or about December 31, 1862.

[Compiled from such returns as are on file in the War Department.]

Present for duty.

Command. Officers. Men.

Department of 5,827 70,972

Northern Virginia

(Lee). .

Department of 241 3,922

Western Virginia

(Jones). .

Department of 85 1,486

Henrico (Winder). .

North Carolina and 2,204 32,087

Southern Virginia a

(G. W. Smith). .

Department of East 499 6,797

Tennessee, (E. K.

Smith). .

Department of South 1,226 19,237

Carolina, Georgia

and Florida

(Beauregard). .

Department of the 4,245 54,548

West b (Johnston).


Department of 2,878 36,592

Mississippi and

East Louisiana

(Pemberton). .

Valley District of 42 496


(Davidson). .

Trans-Mississippi 587 9,237

Department c

(Holmes). .

Total. . 17,834 235,374

Command. Aggregate Aggregate Date of

present. present and return.


Department of 91,093 152,842 Dec. 31,

Northern 1862

Virginia (Lee).


Department of 4,802 6,731 Dec. 31,

Western 1862


(Jones). .

Department of 2,017 2,680 Dec. 10,

Henrico 1862

(Winder). .

North Carolina 40,547 50,871 Dec. 31,

and Southern 1862

Virginia a (G.

W. Smith). .

Department of 9,268 15,435 Dec. 31,

East Tennessee, 1862

(E. K.

Smith). .

Department of 25,159 32,170 Dec. 30,

South Carolina, 1862

Georgia and


(Beauregard). .

Department of 68,439 99,536 Dec. 10 an

the West b 20, 1862

(Johnston). .

Department of 48,141 70,155 Dec. 31,

Mississippi and 1862

East Louisiana

(Pemberton). .

Valley District 1,695 1,788 Nov. 30,

of Virginia 1862

(Davidson). .

Trans- 12,854 17,231 Nov. 30 and

Mississippi Dec. 4, 1862

Department c

(Holmes). .

Total. . 304,015 499,439

a Including the commands of Elzey, French, and Whiting.

b The only returns of this command on file of an approximate date are for the Army of Tennessee (Bragg), December 10, 1862, and for the Gulf (Buckner), December 20, 1862.

c The only returns of this command on file of an approximate date are for the District of Western Louisiana (Taylor), December 4, 1862, and for the District of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona (Magruder), November 30, 1862.

Act of the General Assembly of Louisiana.

AN ACT to authorize the Governor of the State of Louisiana to press into the service of the State slaves and other property for the public defenses of the State during the present war.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Louisiana in General Assembly convened, That