War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0277 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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By Mr. Adams:

Resolved, That Colonel Wadley by earnestly requested to have all the cars seized removed from the various roads by Government officers returned at the earliest practicable moment to the roads to whom they belong.


By Mr. S. L. Niblack:

Resolved, That the roads in the State of Florida are excepted from the report of the committee on transportation as adopted by the convention.


By Mr. Pollard:

Resolved, That such roads as have been or may be in the possession of the enemy, or partially destroyed, be excepted from the report of the committee regulating the rates of transportation.


By Mr. Fleming:

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed by the chairman to confer with the Postmaster-General and to petition Congress for an increase of compensation for the transportation of the mail, and the passage of a law for the more equitable adjustment of fines and forfeitures for failures of perform the same.

Passed, and the chair appointed Fleming, Sanford, Stevenson, Ellis, and Owen.

The committee on schedules not being ready to report, were relieved from further duty.

By Mr. Adams:

Resolved, That the secretaries have a sufficient number of copies of the proceedings of the convention printed and send ten copies to each road represented, by express, with bill of proportionate expense of printing.


The meeting adjourned sine die.


AUGUSTA, GA., December 17, 1862.

To - -,

- -:

DEAR SIR: Having failed at the recent meeting of presidents and superintendents of railroads in the Confederate States to agree upon definite plan for carrying on Government transportation over the several railroads of the county, and deeming it of the first importance that some system should be agreed upon by which all will act in harmony, I respectfully submit and ask your concurrence and agreement to the following:

Your superintendent to act as my assistant, without compensation, in conducting Government transportation over your road, it being his duty to receive from commanding and authorized officers orders for transportation, and to order and conduct such transportation to destination or to a connecting road, as the case may be; to receive from and deliver to connecting roads all freight from or destinated to connecting lines; to report to me at least once a week the general condition and state of Government transportation and conduct of Government agents on his road, and in the event of any accident or stopPAGEof Government freight or troops to make special report of the same by telegraph; in the event of any unusual amount of freight or troops to