War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0275 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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committed on transportation made a report, which on motion of Mr. Pollard, was referred back for amendments. The committee to take into consideration the matter reported by Colonel Wadley offered the following:

The committee to which was referred a resolution to confer with Colonel Wadley, chief of Government transportation, and to procure for the consideration of the convention such matters as will the railroad companies to meet the views of the Government, respectfully report that they have been unable to agree. They submit to the convention the following plans proposed by Colonel Wadley, upon which he believe he can carry out satisfactorily the duties which devolve upon him as chief of Government transportation.




I would suggest for the consideration of the committee that harmonious and efficient action in relation to the public transportation can be secured upon a plan of this character:

First. My appointment of the several railroad superintendents as my assistants in the performance of my duties, without compensation; these assistants to observe the direction and carry out my views as chief manager of transportation, and to make reports to me at such times, and from time to time, as I may direct.

Second. The several railroad companies to allow the passage of their cars over adjoining roads, and for such distances and terms as to repairs and safe and speedy return, and upon such compensation and method of payment as I may prescribe. It is contemplated, by a regular system of reports from the assistants, to keep me at all times advised in relation to the situation and condition of the cars permitted to go on adjoining roads, so as to secure me their quick return in good [repair] to the roads to which they belong.

Third. In case of necessity such railroad companies as may have it in their power to do so to allow, at my request, their locomotive engineers to pass over adjoining roads in charge of the enginemen belonging to them, to be assisted by competent enginemen of the road receiving aid, and under such regulations as to rate of speed and tonnage hauled as I may prescribe, or such as the assistants belonging to the companies aiding and aided may be agreed on. The rate of compensation to be fixed by me.

Fourth. The Government, through its proper agents, to furnish to the several railroad companies all such railroad supplies, including subsistence for their negroes engaged in the repairs of road, as the Government may be enabled to furnish, at such cost, to be paid promptly in cash, as I may prescribe.

Fifth. The Government to be at the expense of returning to the several companies such of their engines, cars, &c., as were ordered from the railroay the Government, and this return to be made as soon as it can be safely done under my direction.

Sixth. The Government to aid in the construction of such railroad connections between roads as I may consider and report to be necessary.

Seventh. Demands for Government transportation to be made upon me, or any of my assistants, by any commanding officer authorized to make it and where delays are occasioned by the act of such officer due compensation to be determined by me to be made to the company delayed.

Eight. The appointment by me at Government expense of agents to superintend the carriage of goods or troops over such breaks as may exist at the termini or railroads.

Ninth. Such companies as may have more engines or cars than necessary for their business to sell the same to companies wanting aid, at priches to be agreed upon.

Mr. Pollard offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That the railroad companies represented in this convention concur in the plan suggested by Colonel Wadley, chief of Government transportation, and adopt it.

Mr. Stevenson offered the following substitute, which, on motion, was adopted by a vote of twenty-five ayes to eight nays:

Resolved, That the convention of railroads officers now holding take this means of acknowledging their approval of the appointment of Colonel Wadley by the