War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0274 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac, Charles Ellis; Virginia Central, Charles Ellis; Virginia and Tennessee Railroad, R. L. Owen, president; Vicksburg, Shreveport and Texas, J. U. Horne, president; Brunswick and Florida, C. L. Schlatter, president; Western and Atlantic, by letter from J. S. Rowland, superintendent; Montgomery and West Point, and Manchester, T. D. Walker, president; Wilmington and Weldon, S. D. Wallace, president, S. L. Fremont, superintendent; Mobile and Girard Railroad, B. E. Wells, engineer and superintendent; Mobile and Ohio, L. J. Fleming, superintendent; Nashville and Chattanooga and branches, V. K. Stevenson, president; Nashville and Northwestern, V. K. Stevenson, president; New Orleans, Jackson and Great Northern; North Carolina Central, by letter from T. J. Summer, superintendent; Muscogee Railroad, J. L. Mustain, president, W. L. Clark, superintendent; Macon and Western Railroad, Isaac Scoot, president, A. L. Tyler, superintendent; Southwestern, R. R. Cuyler, president, Virgisl Powers, superintendent; Orange and Alexandria, R. L. Owen; Richmond, and Petersburg, Charles Ellis, president; Petersburg Railroad, C. O. Sanford, superintendent; Savannah, Albany and Gulf, Hiram Roberts, president, G. I. Fulton, superintendent; Raleigh and Gaston, W. J. Hawkins, president; Charlotte and South Carolina, E. Hurlbut, superintendent; Georgia Railroad and branches, John P. King, president, George Yonge, superintendent; Atlantic, Tennessee and Ohio, E. Hurlbut, superintendent; South Side Railroad, H. D. Bird, superintendent; Richmond and Danville, C. G. Talcott, superintendent; Southern Railroad, by letter from M. Emanuel, vice-president; Northeastern, S. S. Solomons, superintendent; Cheraw and Darlington, S. S. Solomons, superintendent.

The chairman then proceeded to read Order No. 98, from the Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, stating what powers the Government had delegated to Colonel Wadley, after which the latter proceeded in the following letter to explain his reason for calling the meeting. *

On motion of Mr. Pollard the chair appointed a committee of eight, including the chairman of the convention, to take consideration the matters represented by Colonel Wadley and to report at 3 p. m. The following-named gentlemen composed that committee: Pollard, King, Owen, Ellis, C. Wallace, Stevenson, Fleming, Cuyler.

On motion of Mr. Fremont a committee of five was appointed to arrange rates of transportation for "men and things. " The chair appointed Fremont, Adams, Yonge, Scott, Horne.

On motion of Mr. Sanford a committee of eight was appointed to consul with Mr. Offutt, of the Post-Office Department, and arrange schedules for the Southern route. The chair appointed Messrs. Sanford, Ellis, Fremont, Walker, Yonge, Hull, Crain, Jones.

The meeting then adjourned till 3 p. m., at which time it met and was called to order by the chairman, when it was found the committee was not ready to report, and was further adjourned till 10 a. m. next day.

TUESDAY, December 16, 1862.

The convention met at 10 a. m. and was called to order by the chairman. The minutes of yesterday were read and confirmed. The


* See preceding letter.