War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0268 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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shall be given by the engineer or other officer of the Confederate Government of all requisitions for negro labor, except the first, as will enable the owners of slaves to have thirty days from the time of summons to the time of furnishing their respective quotas of slaves; that the first requisition may be made with such notice as the urgency of the case will permit. Fifth. That the Confederate authorities shall furnish transportation by railroad from the depot nearest the owners' residence, the owner to transport his or her slaves, at his or her own expense, to such depot, irrespective of the distance of such depot from his or her residence. Sixth. That rations shall be supplied by the Confederate authorities to the said slaves from the time of their arrival at such depots until their return to the homes of their owners. Seventh. That the pay of each slave shall be eleven dollars per month, to be paid by the Confederate Government, and to be sheltered and receive all proper medical attendance in case of sickness. Eighth. That the Confederate Government shall be liable to the owner for any loss or damage of or to the slave or slaves during his or their service, or from disease contracted in service, such liability to commence on the arrival of such slave or slaves at the railroad depot for transportation and to continue until his or their return to the same, and the value shall be assessed as hereinafter provided.

SEC. 4. That a State agointed by the Governor, who shall receive for his services the pay of a lieutenant-colonel of infantry, as allowed by the Confederate Government during his employment, to be paid to him monthly by the Confederate Government, and there shall be also one overseer for every one hundred slaves, said oversees to be selected by the owners, or their agents, and to receive each fifty dollars per month during his employment, to be paid monthly by the Confederate Government; these aid oversees to be, during their employment, subject to the orders and the jurisdiction of the Confederate military authorities.

SEC. 5. That it shall be the duty of the State agent to visit all the camps of the laborers, to examine their condition, to observe their treatment and discipline, to examine their food, both as to quality and quantity, and see that it is the proper ration for each, as is allowed by law, and particularly to inform himself as to their medical and surgical attendance and care, and, whenever required, to report the same to the Governor; and especially at the conclusion of the tour of service of each bevy it shall be his duty to make such a report to the Governor, in whose possession it may be open for examination by the owners of the said slaves.

SEC. 6. That it shall be the further duty of the State agent to collect and receive the slaves as they shall be called into service at the several railroad depots where they are to be delivered, to give receipts thereof to the owners or their agents at such depots, and send forward the said slaves to their points of destination; and he shall also be present at the assessment of the slaves, hereinafter provided, and see that the same is made in duplicate, and certify the same, one copy to be given to the owner and the other to be retained by the Confederate authorities.

SEC. 7. That it shall be the duty of the said State agent to certify the bills for the pay of the said slaves for their respective owners, specifying the number of the said slaves, the time they have been employed, and the names of the owners, which bills, so certifie the owners by themselves, or the order indorsed thereon, to receive the same from Confederate authority.