War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0267 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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At a general Assembly begun and holden at Columbia on the fourth Monday in November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two, and thence continued by divers adjournments to the eighteenth day of December, in the same year.

AN ACT to organize and supply negro labor for coast defense in compliance with requisitions of the Government of the Confederate States.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives now met and sitting in General Assembly, and by the authority of the same, That from and after the passage of this act this State shall be divided into four territorial divisions as follows, to wit:

Division No. 1: The judicial districts of Pickens, Greenville, Spartansburg, Anderson, Union, York, Chester, Laurens, Abbeville, and Newberry to constitute the first division.

Division No. 2: The judicial districts of Lancaster, Kershaw, Chesterfield, Marlborough, Darlington, Marion, Sumter, Clarendon, Williamsburg, and Horry, including Upper All Saints, to constitute the second division.

Division No. 3: The judicial districts of Fairfield, Richland, Lexington, Edgefield, Barnwell, and Orangeburg to constitute the third division.

Division No. 4: The judicial districts of Charleston, Colleton, Beaufort, Georgetown, including Lower All Saints, to constitute the fourth division.

SEC. 2. That the negro labor hereinafter required shall be furnished by the several districts aforesaid as follows, to wit: First, by division No. 2; next, by division No. 3; next, by division No. 1, and last, by division No. 4.

SEC. 3. That as soon as the Governor shall have received from the Confederate Government, through the proper officer authorized thereto, written assent and agreement to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth, he shall call for such labor as may be demanded by the Confederate military authority from the several divisions in the order aforesaid, to be furnished by the slave-holders thereof in proportion to the slave population as specified in the last census return of this State: First. That the slaves liable to this call shall be the same that are liable to road duty in this State. Second. That it shall be the duty of the commissioners of roads and the authorities of incorporated cities, towns, and villages not subject to the jurisdiction of the commissioners of roads in the performance of road duty in the several districts to summon the owners to furnish their respective quotas of slave labor which the Governor shall require. Third. That each levy under the call shall serve for one month, and until relieved in turn by the next levy; and if the said commissioners of roads or any of them shall neglect or refuse so to summon such slave-owners to send their said slaves in pursuance of the requisition aforesaid, such commissioners or commissioners shall suffer for each and every such neglect of default the same pains and penalties, and in the same manner, as now prescribed by statute law in this State, and that the boards of commissioners shall have power to appoint commissioners in such divisions as are now vacated by the absence of commissioners in the present war, for the ensuing year, from citizens of any age. Fourth. That such notice