War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0248 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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leave results to you; and for our official position we refer you to Governor Vance and to our Representative in Congress, A. T. Davidson, and hope that the facts set forth may receive at your hands due consideration.

We are, sir, yours, respectfully,

C. D. SMITH, Senator;


S. J. NEAL, Senator;




Richmond, December 20, 1862.

I. The following appointments under the act of October 9, 1862, providing for the appointment of military courts to attend the Army, have been made by the President, and are announced for the information of all concerned:

1. Lieut. Gen. James Longstreet's corps. -Charles L. Scott, Alabama, presiding judge; Albert P. Hill, Mississippi; L. W. Spratt, South Carolina; Charles M. Blackford, Virginia, judge-advocate.

2. Lieut. Gen. T. J. Jackson's corps. -Richard H. Lee, Virginia, presiding judge; James Jackson, Georgia; David M. Carter, North Carolina; Daniel A. Wilson, Louisiana, judge-advocate.

3. General G. T. Beauregard's corps. -D. F. Jamison, South Carolina, presiding judge; L. M. Lamar, Georgia; Captain W. C. Bird (First Florida Volunteers), Florida; A. H. Boykin, South Carolina, judge-advocate.

4. Lieut. Gen. Leonidas Polk's corps. -Andrew Ewing, Tennessee presiding judge; Edward S. Worthington, Kentucky; J. A. P. Campbell, Mississippi; Thomas W. Brown, Tennessee, judge-advocate.

5. Lieut. Gen. E. K. Smith's corps. -Thomas Ruffin, North Carolina, presiding judge; James Neil, Tennessee; Charles B. Thomas, Kentucky; Shelby Williams, Tennessee, judge-advocate.

6. Lieut. Gen. T. H. Holmes' corps. -Trusten Polk, Missouri, presiding judge; George C. Watkins, Arkansas; Major W. P. Townsend (Fourth Texas Volunteers), Texas; Lionel L. Levy, Louisiana, judge-advocate.

7. Major Gen. John H. Forney's corps. -Thomas J. Judge, Alabama, presiding judge; S. W. Fisk, Louisiana; Samuel J. Douglas, Florida; J. Little Smith, judge-advocate.

8. Major Gen. Samuel Jones' corps. -Colonel P. T. Moore, Virginia, presiding judge; E. H. Norris, Maryland; Colonel A. T. M. Rust, Virginia; Septimus T. Wall, Kentucky, judge-advocate.

9. Major Gen. G. W. Smith's corps. -William B. Rodman, North Carolina, presiding judge; John M. Patton, Virginia; Bradley T. Johnson, Maryland; W. P. Johnston, Georgia, judge-advocate.

II. The above-named members of the courts referred to will report without delay to the commanding officers of the respective army corps to which they have been assigned, to whom the letters of appointment will be forwarded, except in those cases where they have been delivered to the parties, or may be called for at this office at an early day.

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector General.