War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0237 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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me to add that when contracts to so large an extent as those mentioned by Colonel Gorgas are made payable abroad without consultation with this Department it cannot hold itself responsible for any failure to pay them.



Secretary of the Treasury.

[First indorsement.]

To Ordnance Bureau and then file.

J. A. S.,

Secretary .

[Second indorsement.]

DECEMBER 29, 1862.

Respectfully returned.

Following letters have been written: July 12, 1862, requested that @250,000 be sent to Major Huse as soon as practicable. October 24, 1862, called Secretary's attention to indebtedness of Major Huse and submitted an account from Major Huse's letter. December 5, 1862, recapitulating Major Huse's account, showing disbursements and funds wanted.





Richmond, December 15, 1862.

I. Some confusion having occurred in the payment of troops in hospital, as authorized in paragraph III, General Orders, No. 65, modified by paragraph I, General Orders, No. 67, and by paragraph II, General Orders, No. 68, it is hereby directed that the orders above referred to be so limited as to embrace only the monthly pay of the soldier mustered on the hospital rolls; and all quartermasters making payments to troops referred to in said orders are required regularly to forward, through the Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, to the company commanders so such troops (to be noted on the company rolls) and accurate list of the persons and amounts so paid and the particular time for which such payments have been made.

II. No transportation tickets will be issued except when the applicant presents conclusive evidence that he has proper authority for his absence from his command and is entitled to transportation. A register will be kept in the transportation office, upon which the name of the applicant for transportation is given will be recorded in every case. Every precaution will be taken against imposition and fraud, and whenever such fraud or imposition is detected it will be immediately reported to the proper authorities.

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector General.

Resolution to guarantee by the States the debt of the Confederate Government.

Whereas, the Government of the Confederate is involved in a war of the independence of each of the States of the Confederacy