War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0233 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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Resolutions in relation to the present war.

Whereas, the State of Georgia has, in a spirit of fraternal sympathy, pledged herself by resolutions solemnly adopted by her Legislature to co-operate with her sister States of the Confederacy in the impending struggle for our lives and liberties, and to this end to contribute all the means at her command to the command to the support of the common cause:


Be it resolved by the Senate and the House of Representation of the State of Florida in General Assembly convened, That it is the sense of this Legislature that Florida, one of the first States to secede form the old Union, will be one of the last to lay down its arms, and in the impending struggle will stand by her sister States to the last man and the last musket, until peace is established on the basis of a separate nationality, and the independence of the Confederate States is unconditionally acknowledge by the United States.

Be it further resolved, That a copy of said report and resolution be transmitted to the President of the Confederate States, and also to the Governors of each State, and to the Congress of the Confederate States.

Passed the House of Representatives December 9, 1862. Passed the Senate December 9, 1862. Approved December 11, 1862.

NASSAU, NEW PROVIDENCE, December 12,1 862.


Secretary of War, Richmond:

SIR: My last dispatch was under date of the 12th ultimo by the Kate, since which the steamers Herald (now Antonica) and Leopard have arrived from Charleston. I have shipped by the Antonica the following remnants ex Melita: * Five cases knapsacks, 3 cases boots, 3 cases percussion-caps, 1 case saddlery, 2 cases cavalry saddlery, 1 case friction-tubes, 2 cases bayonet scabbards, 5 bales army cloth, 2 bales army cloth.

Also to Dr. Chisolm, medical department, South Carolina and Georgia, 6 cases and 3 barrels medicines. By the Leopard, to leave in three days, I shall clear up the odds and ends of the Melita's cargo, besides 50 cases Enfield rifles, some medicines for Dr. Chisolm, and about 2 tons of steel to Captain Childs. Both the Antonica and Leopard carry a large quantity of iron plates, a considerable shipment of woolens, all the blankets and shoes that could be got together, and a variety of other useful stuff on private account.

Mr. S. G. Porter, Government agent, arrived here on the Herald, bound to Bermuda, but was detained for some time by sickness. The communication between here and Bermuda being so sparse, Mr. Porter concluded to charter a schooner, and would have left ere this but for a violent storm that has prevailed for some days past. I expect he will get off by the day after to-morrow. Mr. Porter has fully explained to me the important nature of the business confined to him, but I am apprehensive he may be partially thwarted by the paucity of suitable steamers to transship Government property form Bermuda to the Confederacy. As far as I can learn, all the suitable steamers from England are bound to this place, the wonders deeming it the best policy to load at Nassau. It is very certain they have


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