War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0230 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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in kind, or paid communication thereof, for the period of service rendered since the 8th of October, 1862, he will be entitled to receive the money value of the clothing allowed, in proportion to such period of service:

Clothing. Fort three For three For three Price of

years. years. years. each


First. Second. Third. Price of



Camps, 2 1 1 $2. 00



Cover. . 1 1 1 38

Jackets. . 2 1 1 12. 00

Trousers. 3 2 2 9. 00


Shirts. . 3 3 3 3. 00

Drawers. . 3 2 2 3. 00

Shoes. . 4 4 4 6. 00

Pairs. .

Socks. . 4 4 4 1. 00

Do. .

Leather 1 . . . . . . 25

stock. .

Greatcoat. 1 . . . . . . 25. 00


Stable 1 . . . . . . 2. 00

frock (for


men). .

Fatigue 1 1 1 3. 00







Blanket. . 1 . . . 1 7. 50

IV. When clothing is needed for issue for the men the company commander will procure it from the quartermaster on requisition, approved by the commanding officer.

V. Ordinarily the company commander will procure and issue clothing for his men twice a year. At other times in special cases such articles as the soldier may need will be issued to him.

VI. Officers receiving clothing will render quarterly returns to the Quartermaster-General.

VII. Commanders of companies will take the receipts of their men for the clothing issued to them, on a receipt roll, witnessed by an officer, or in the absence of an officer by a non-commissioned officer, the witness to be witness to the fact of the issue and the acknowledgment and signature of the soldier. The several issues to a soldier to be entered separately on the roll, and all vacant spaces on the roll to be filled with a cipher. The roll is the voucher for the issue to the quarterly return of the company commander. Extra issues will be so noted on the roll.

VIII. Each soldier's clothing account is kept by the company commander in a company book. This account sets out only the money value of the clothing which he received at each issue, for which his receipt is entered in the book, and witnessed as in the preceding paragraph.

IX. When a soldier is transferred or detached the amount due to or by him for clothing will be stated on his descriptive list.

X. When a soldier is discharged the amount due to or by him for clothing will be stated on the duplicate certificates given for the settlement of his accounts.

XI. Deserters' clothing will be turned into store. The invoice of it, and the quartermaster's receipt for it, will state its condition and the name of the deserter.

XII. The inspection report on damaged clothing shall set out, with the amount of damage of each article, a list of such articles as are fit for issue, at a reduced price stated.

XIII. Commanding officers many order necessary issues of clothing to prisoners and convicts, taking deserter's or other damaged clothing when there is such in store.