War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0229 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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regiments, &c. There is no direction to the commanding general of a department or of an army to apply to this Department for a permission to detail officers to make enrollments. He may do so under the Orders 82 without such a permission. But the action of those officers is to be regulated by instructions from the commandant of conscripts, and they cannot make any disposition of them without his consent. That disposition is subject to the rule before stated. The object of the privilege conceded to the commanding general was not that he might appropriate a greater number of conscripts than others, but only by superior energy and activity he might obtain his quota with more rapidity than others. The paragraph, or paragraph X, with this explanation, will be intelligible.

For the Secretary of War.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Secretary of War.

[DECEMBER 6, 18662. -For Vance to Seddon, recommending delay in the destruction of cotton in the State of North Carolina, &c., see Series I, VOL. XVIII, p. 792.]



Richmond, December 8, 1862.

I. The following act and regulations in reference thereto are published for the information of all concerned:

AN ACT to repeal the law authorizing communication for soldier's clothing, and to require clothing to be furnished be the Secretary of War in kind. "

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That so much of the existing law as provides commutation for clothing to the soldiers in the service of the Confederacy be, and the same is hereby, repealed; and hereafter the Secretary of War shall provide in kind to the soldiers, respectively, the uniform clothing prescribed by the Regulations of the Army of the Confederate States; and should any balance of clothing be due to any soldier at the end of States; and should any balance of clothing be due to any soldier at the end of States; and should any balance of clothing be due to any soldier at the end of the year, the money value of such balance shall be paid to such soldier, according to the value of such clothing fixed and announced by order from the War Department.

Approved October 8, 1862.

II. In accordance with the above act of Congress no payment of commutation for clothing will be made for a period extending beyond October 8, 1862. When payment of said allowance has been made prior to the promulgation of this order, for a term which will not expire until after the date of this act, issues of clothing in kind will be made, to commence at the end of such period. Where it has not been so paid clothing will be furnished from the 8th of October, 1862.

III. A soldier is allowed the uniform clothing stated in the following table, or articles thereof of equal value. When a balance is due him at the end of the year he will be allowed the money value thereof, as herein set forth, to be paid him upon the muster and pay roll of his company. When he shall have drawn clothing in excess of the amount allowed it will be charged against him upon the muster and pay roll of his company. If discharged before the expira, and he shall not have been furnished with clothing