War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0215 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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duty under orders from the Secretary of War or from their department commanders will return to their commands without delay.

II. Commissioned officers failing to comply with the provisions of the foregoing paragraph within a reasonable length of time, in no case to exceed twenty days after the publication of this order, shall be dropped from the rolls of the Army in disgrace, and their names will be furnished to the commandant of conscripts for enrollment in the ranks.

II. All enlisted men who shall fail to comply with the provisions of paragraph I of this order within a reasonable length of time shall be considered as deserters and treated accordingly, their names to be furnished to the commandant of conscripts in their State for publication or such other action as may be deemed most efficacious.

IV. In order to insure the efficient co-operation of all concerned to carry this order into immediate effect, department commanders are directed to require from the commanding officer of each separate command in their departments a prompt report of the names of all commissioned officers and enlisted men now absent from their commands. These reports must state in each case the cause of absence, and any regimental, battalion, or company commander who shall neglect to furnish such a report, or who shall knowingly be guilty of concealing any case of unauthorized absence, shall, on conviction thereof, be summarily dismissed.

V. Under the provisions of the second clause of paragraph II of General Orders, No. 82, commissioned offices and privates who are incapable of bearing arms in consequence of wounds received in battle, but who are otherwise fit for service, are required, if not otherwise assigned, to report to the nearest commandant of conscripts in their respective States, who will, if they are fitted for such duty, assign them to the collection of stragglers and the enforcement of the provisions of this order, with full powers to call upon the nearest military authority for such assistance as may be necessary thereto.

VI. Officers of the Quartermaster's Department charged with payment of troops are hereby directed not to pay any commissioned officer, non-commissioned officer, or private who does not furnish satisfactory evidence that he is not liable to the penalties described in the foregoing order. Any disbursing officer who shall make payment in violation of this order shall be liable on his bond for the amount of such payment.

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector General.

HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT OF EAST FLORIDA, Tallahassee, November 27, 1862.

Brigadier Gen. THOMAS JORDAN,

Chief of Staff and Assistant Adjutant-General:

SIR: I have reason to believe that the duty of enrolling conscripts under the law in this State is being neglected by the officers appointed in each county for that purpose. The camp of instruction has been established some four months, and I am informed there are now more than 400 present. This, with 44 sent from camp to the gun-boat Chattahoochee would make a total of less than 200 sent up from the several counties in the State. Some counties I understand have furnished none. So long as the duty of enrolling conscripts is intrusted