War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0199 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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AN ACT to increase the Signal Corps.

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, may appoint one major, ten first and ten second lieutenants in the Signal Corps, and that the Secretary of War may be appoint twenty additional sergeants in the said corps.

Approved September 27, 1862.

(8. *)

AN ACT to better provide for the sick and wounded of the Army in hospitals.

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That the commutation value of rations of sick and disabled soldiers in the hospitals of the Confederate States is hereby fixed at one dollar, instead of the communication now allowed by law, which shall constitute the hospital fund and be held by the commissary and be paid over by him, from time to time, to the surgeon or assistant surgeon in charge of the hospital of which the soldier whose ration was commuted is an inmate, upon the said surgeon or assistant surgeon's requisition, made in writing, when necessary to purchase supplies for said hospital: Provided, however, When said fund for any one hospital shall increase over and above the monthly expenditures of the same to an amount exceeding the sum of five thousand dollars, the said commissary shall be required to deposit the said excess over and above the said five thousand dollars in the Treasury of the Confederate States, or such other place of deposit where Government moneys are ordered to be kept; which said deposits, when so made, shall be passed to the credit of the said Confederate States, and be liable to draft as other public moneys are; and all such funds shall be accounted for by the said commissary in his monthly report and abstract as now required by law: And provided further, That all such surgeons and assistant surgeons who shall receive from the said commissary any part of said hospital fund, to be expended for the use of hospitals, shall be held liable for a faithful application of it, and in a weeklstract, to be made out and forwarded to the office of the Surgeon-General, to be verified in every instance by vouchers, shall show what disposition has been made of it, which account, abstract, and accompanying vouchers, shall be placed on file.

SEC. 2. That the Secretary of War is hereby authorized and directed to make a contract with the several railroad companies and lines of boats for the speediest practicable transportation of all supplies purchased for the use of hospitals by gents accredited the surgeon or assistant surgeon in charge for that purpose, or donations by individuals, societies, or States; and it shall be lawful for the Quartermaster-General to furnish general transportation tickets to such agents upon all railroad trains and canal-boats when engaged in the actual service of said hospitals, upon the request of said surgeon or assistant surgeon.

SEC. 3. That there shall be allowed to each hospital of the Confederate States, suits of clothing, consisting of shirts, pantaloons, and drawers equal to the number of beds in the same, for the use of the sick while in the hospitals, when so ordered by the surgeon or assistant surgeon in charge, which said clothing shall be drawn upon the written requisition of said surgeon or assistant surgeon, and shall be receipted for and kept as hospital clothing, and be accounted for by him as other public property.

SEC. 4. That there be allowed to each hospital, with rations and suitable places of lodging, the following matrons and female nurses and attendants, viz: Two matrons, to be known and designated as hospital matrons in chief, at a salary not to exceed forty dollars per month each, whose general duties shall be to exercise a superintendence over the entire domestic economy of the hospital, to take charge of such delicacies as may be provided for the sick, to apportion them out as required, to see that the food or diet is properly prepared, and all such other duties as may be necessary. Two matrons, to be known and designated as assistant matrons, whose general duties shall be to superintend the laundry, to take charge of the clothing of the sick, the bedding of the hospital, to see that they are kept clean and neat, and perform such other duties as may be necessary, at a salary not to exceed thirty-five dollars per month each. Two matrons for each


*For act No. 7 embodied in this order (but here omitted), see "An act to amend an act entitled, 'An act to provide further for the public defense,' approved April 16, 1862," published in General Orders, No. 82, Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, p. 160.