War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0167 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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if there be a firm, some partner therein, shall make oath in writing that the said superintendents, operatives, managers, or mechanics, as the case may be, are skilled and actually employed in their said vocations; that they are habitually working for the public; that they are absolutely necessary for the successful prosecution of the business of the concern; that the products thereof shall be not be sold or exchanged or bartered during the said exemption for a price exceeding the cost of production and 75 per cent. profit thereon; that no shift, contrivance, or arrangement shall be made to evade the law or to secure a larger return or profit than it allows, and that exemption is not sought for a larger number of persons than is absolutely necessary for the successful prosecution of the business of the concern.

3. The foregoing affidavits shall be made before some justice of the peas of other person authorized by law to administer oaths; and if such justice or other person be not personally known to the enrolling officer to be what he purports to be, his official character and his right to administer oaths must be certified by the clerk of some court of record, under the seal of his court. The affidavits shall be returned to the commandant of conscripts, and exemptions shall be granted by the enrolling officer. If, however, he suspect false swearing or mistake, he shall refuse the exemption and refer the case, after first enrolling the names of the parties in question, to the commandant of conscripts, who shall dispose of it. If at any time the enrolling officer have cause to suspect false swearing or mistake in the foregoing affidavits, he shall report the fact to the commandant of conscripts, and if the said commandant be satisfied after due inva larger number of persons is designedly employed than is necessary, or that a larger profit than the law allows is received, either directly or indirectly, he shall order the enrollment of the parties exempted upon the said affidavits.

IX. Details.

Citizen employees and mechanics who are employed in establishments of the Government or by contractors with the Government in the manufacture of arms, ordnance, ordnance stores, and other munitions of war, saddles, harness, and army supplies will be enrolled and returned to their work, provided the chief of the Ordnance Bureau, or some ordnance officer authorized by him for the purpose, shall certify that the number of operatives required by the officer in charge of such establishment or by such contractor for Government work is reasonable and not excessive. Such certificate will be presented to the enrolling officer, who will thereupon make the detail of the men specified for a period not exceeding sixty days and return the certificate to the commandant of conscripts. At the expiration of such detail the officer in charge of the Government shop or the contractor in whose employment said conscripts are shall cause said certificates to be renewed or return the conscripts to the nearest camp of instruction. If the certificate be not renewed or the conscripts be not returned, no all cases of details for contractors the party requesting the detail shall make affidavit that the persons so detailed will not be employed on any other than Government work, which affidavit shall be returned to the commandant of conscripts; and if it be found that at any time such detailed conscripts are employed by said contractors upon work for private individuals, the detail shall be canceled by the commandant of conscripts.

Paragraph I, General Orders, No. 50, current series, is hereby revoked.