War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0163 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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(No. 49.)

AN ACT to establish places or rendezvous for the examination of enrolled men.

The Congress of Confederate States of America do enact, That there shall be established in each county, parish of district, and in any city in a county, parish or district in the several States, a place of rendezvous for the persons in said county, district, parish or city, enrolled for military duty in the field, who shall be there examined by one or more surgeons, to be employed by the Government, to be assigned to that duty by the President on a day of which ten days' notice shall be given by said surgeon, and from day to day next, thereafter, until all who shall be in attendance for the purpose of examination shall have been examined; and the decision of said surgeons, under regulations to be established by the Secretary of War, as to the physical and mental capacity of any such person for military duty in the field, shall be final; and those only thus ascertained to be fit for military duty in the field shall be required to assemble at camps of instruction.

SEC. 2. There shall be assigned to each Congressional district in the several States, three surgeons, who shall constitute a board of examination in such district for the purpose specified in the foregoing section, any one or more or whom may act at any place of rendezvous in said district.

SEC. 3. When it shall appear to any surgeon attending such place of rendezvous by the certificate of a respectable physician resident in that county, district, parish, or city in a county, parish of district, that any enrolled person therein unable to attend on account of sickness, it shall be the duty of said surgeon to file such certificate with the commandant of the nearest camp of instruction; and if the person named therein, shall not within a reasonable time report himself for examination at said camp of instruction, or his continued disability certified by the certificate of a respectable physician of his county, city, district or parish, he shall be hsent without leave of his commanding officer.

Approved October 11, 1862.

II. Commandants of conscripts and camps of instruction.

1. An officer styled the commandant of conscripts will be appointed for each State, who will be charged with the supervision of the enrollment and disposition of conscripts. He will establish one or more camps, in which conscripts will be assembled and instructed, and may recommend for appointment a surgeon, a quartermaster, a commissary, and a requisite number of drill-masters for each camp. If more than one camp be established, he may also recommend a commandant for each camp not under his own immediate command.

2. A hospital will be established, and huts for winter quarters constructed at each camp; and all conscripts assembled at the camps will be promptly vaccinated, if it has not already been done.

3. The commandant of conscripts will require from each camp a report on the first Monday in every month, showing the expenses of the preceding month, the number of conscripts in the camp, the number received and sent away during the preceding month, the regiments, battalions, or companies to which they were sent, the number transferred to the Navy, the number of sick, the nature of their diseases, and the number of deaths. He will make a consolidated monthly report to the Adjutant and Inspector General of the Army.

4. The commandants of conscripts east of the Mississippi River will receive orders only from the War Department, and will not be interfered with the generals commanding departments or armies in the field. West of the Mississippi they will report to and receive instructions from the commanding general of the Trans-Mississippi Department, who will require them to conform as nearly as possible to this order and to the regulations prescribed for commandants east of the Mississippi. He will make a consolidated monthly report to the Adjutant and Inspector General of the Army.

5. The commandants of all regiments, battalion, squadrons, or unattached companies which were in service on the 16th of April, 1862,