War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0161 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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the Confederate and State governments, including postmasters appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, and such clerks in their offices as are allowed by the Postmaster-General, and now employed, and excluding all other postmasters, their assistants and clerks; and except such State officers as the Several States may have declared, or may hereafter declare by law to be liable to militia duty; the members of both Houses of the Congress of the Confederate States, and of the Legislatures of the several States, and their respective officers; all clerks now in the offices of the Confederate and State governments authorized by law receiving salaries or fees; al volunteer troops, heretofore raised by any State since the passage of the act entitled "An act further to provide for the public defense," approved April the sixteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, while such troops shall be in active service under State authority: Provided, That this exemption shall not apply to any person who was liable to be called into service by virtue of said act of April the sixteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-two; all pilots and persons engaged in the merchant marine service; the president, superintendents, conductors, treasurer, chief clerk, engineers, mangers, station agents, section masters, two expert track hands to each section of eight miles, and mechanics in the active service and employment of railroad companies, not to embrace laborers, porters, and messengers; the president, general superintendent and operators of telegraph companies, the local superintendent and operators of said companies, not to exceed four in number at any locality, but that of the seat of Government of the Confederate States; the president, superintendents, captains, engineers, chief clerk and mechanics in the active service and employment of all companies engaged in river and canal navigation, and all captains of boats and engineers therein employed; one editor of each newspaper now being published, and such employees as the editor or proprietor may certify, upon oath, to be indispensable for conducting the publication; the Public Printer, and those employed to perform the public printing for the Confederate and State governments; every minister of religion authorized to preach according to the rules of his sect and in the regular discharge of ministerial duties, and all persons who have been and now are members of the society of Friends and the association of Dunkards, Nazarenes, and Mennonites, in regular membership in their respective denominations: Provided, Members of the society of Friends, Nazarenes, Memmonites, and Dunkards shall furnish substitutes to pay a tax of five hundred dollars each into the public Treasury; all physicians who now are, and for the last five years have been, in the actual practice of their profession; all shoemakers, tanners, blacksmiths, wagon-makers, millers and their engineers, millwrights, skilled and actually employed at their regular vocation in the said trades, habitually engaged in working for the public, and whilst so actually employed: Provided, Said persons shall make oath in writing that they are so skilled and actually employed at the time at their regular vocation in one of the above trades, which affidavit shall only be prima facie evidence of the facts therein stated: Provided, further, That the exemptions herein granted to persons by reason of their peculiar mechanical or other occupation or employment, not connected with the public service, shall be subject to the condition that the products of the labor of such exempts, or of the companies and establishments with which they are connected, shall be sold and disposed of by the proprietors at prices not exceeding seventy-five per centrum upon the cost of production, or within a maximum to be fixed by the Secretary of War, under such regulations as he may prescribe: And it is further provided, That if the proprietors of any such manufacturing establishments shall be shown, upon evidence, to be submitted to, and judged of, by the Secretary of War, to have violated, or in any manner evaded the true intent and spirit of the foregoing proviso, the exemptions therein granted shall no longer be extended to them, their superintendents or operatives in said establishments, but they and each and every of them shall be forthwith enrolled under the provisions of this act, and ordered into the Confederate Army, and shall in no event, be again exempted therefrom by reason of said manufacturing establishments or employment therein; all superintendents of public hospitals, lunatic asylums, and the regular physicians, nurses and attendants therein, and the teachers employed in the institutions for the deaf, dumb and blind; in each apothecary store, now established and doing business, one apothecary in good standing, who is a practical apothecary; superintendents and operators in wool and cotton factories, paper mills, and superintendents and managers of wool-carding machines, who may be exempted by the Secretary of War: Provided, The profits of such establishments shall not exceed seventy-five per centrum upon the cost of production, to be determined upon oath of the parties, subject to the same penalties for violation of the provisions herein contained as are hereinbefore provided in case of other manufacturing and mechanical employments; all presidents and teachers of colleges, acade-