War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0150 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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their services would be invaluable. I desire to execute General Orders, No. 53, to the letter; but when I call upon commanders of those corps they say they have authority to keep all who joined previous to the 31st of July. If that is the case I get no conscripts from them, as they say they all joined prior to that time. Their joining those corps at any time I consider a violation of the law, and to let them remain in those corps a violation of General Orders, No. 53. I desire, if not in direct violation of your opinion of said order, that you give me a positive order to take conscripts from all partisan rangers that have joined prior to 31st of July, except those companies designated at the request of Governor Pettus, and please word the order to that effect.


Major and Assistant Adjutant-General.



Richmond, October 30, 1862.

I. Upon the death of a commissioned officer in the service of the Confederate States his immediate commanding officer will forthwith make out a certificate of the fact, stating his rank and the command to which he belonged; when, where, and from what cause he died, and, if possible, when and by whom last paid.

Upon the death of a non-commissioned officer or private in said service the officer commanding his company at the time of his death will, in like manner, forthwith make out a descriptive list, in which he will set forth when, where, and by whom he was enlisted; when, where, and from what cause he died; when and by whom he was last paid; whether there is any bounty or commutation for clothing due him, and whether there are any stopPAGEs against him, for what cause and of what amount.

These certificates and descriptive lists will be transmitted directly to the Second Auditor of the Treasury of the Confederate States.

II. Surgeons and assistant surgeons in charge of military hospitals, or of sick and wounded officers and soldiers in private hospitals and houses, upon the death of either an officer or a soldier, will forthwith make out and forward directly to the Second Auditor of the Treasury of the Confederate States a certificate stating, in the case of a commissioned officer, his rank and the command to which he belonged; in the case of non-commissioned officers and privates, the company and regiment to which they belonged, and in all cases when, where, and from what cause they died. Should the deceased leave any effects or money, a statement setting forth a list of the effects, the amount of the money, and in whose hands the same duty, as authorized until legally called for will accompany said certificate.

III. Lieut. Colonel W. Le Roy Brown, on ordnance duty, is hereby detailed to supervise the examination of candidates in the Army for appointments as artillery officers for ordnance duty, as authorized by act of Congress approved 16th of September, 1862.

He will, in succession, proceed to the several headquarters of the armies under such special instructions as may be given him hereafter; and the general commanding will, on his application, associate with him any two artillery officers he may select, performing ordnance duties, who, together with himself, will constitute an examining board.

Due notice will be given through the Richmond Enquirer of the time at which examinations will be held.