War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0138 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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treaty of peace to be submitted to both Governments? Has anything been done for Soule? Offer Mitchel position on my staff if he can get a commission.


(A copy of the first part of the message sent to Governors Brown, Milton, and Pickens.)

KNOXVILLE, TEN., October 21, 1862.

President DAVIS,


MY DEAR SIR: General Jones, to accomplish that which we sought to preclude and prevent by an act of Congress, now favors a suspension of conscription in East Tennessee. You will remember that when I conferred with you in reference to the matter of fixing a time-a day certain-after which if regiments or battalions were organized they should not be received, that the 1st of October was determined upon to prevent the hurried and hasty organizations which would be formed in the time intervening between the introduction of the bill in the Senate and its approval by you. Now, it so happens that regiments have been organized, as I knew they would be, and General Jones, though informed by me of the passage of the act and its precise terms (for a copy of it was immediately published in the Knoxville Register), advised those who have participated in forming these regiments and companies that he will, by the ruse of suspending the conscription for a few days, have them received into the service. This would be a manifest and palpable evasion of the law as it occurs to me, and should be no means be tolerated. It certainly would defeat the very will not say to you that it is impracticable to execute the law in East Tennessee, as he has said to me that he can execute it. The tories all through the country have it that the law will not be enforced, and if pending the enrollment now in progress its operation be for a day even suspended, it will embolden them to such a degree that I shall not be surprised if they hereafter resist outright. You are of course advised that General Bragg's entire command is now entering East Tennessee. It will be an easy and proper disposition of the men who have volunteered, and whom General Jones would now have you received as new regiments, to place them at once in the old Tennessee regiments in General Bragg's army. I know very well that these suggestions are not such as present popular clamor in East Tennessee would have me to urge upon your consideration, but prompted by a sense of duty to the country I am constrained to urge you to the course I advise.

Very truly, yours,




Richmond, October 22, 1862.

I. All cases of applications for transfer from the Army of the Navy must be forwarded through superior officers, who will certify whether the party whose transfer is sought is or is not a seafaring person.