War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0135 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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to cause to be carried, and there safely kept, such supplies of provisions as the said commission may and is hereby authorized to purchase. And such supplies of provisions at such places shall be considered public granaries, to be used under the authority of the said commission for the support of negroes removed under this ordinance and whose owner or owners or persons in charge of them are unable otherwise to provide for theirs support.

SEC. 6. Whenever the owner or owners or persons in charge of negroes removed under this ordinance shall be unable to employ them at the place or places to which they have been removed, it shall be the duty of the said commission to confer with the executive authority of this State as to the employment which can be given to such negroes on the public works, or in the public service of the State, or in any other manner by which the expense of their removal or support can be saved. And in all such cases the owner or owners or persons in charge of such negroes, if practicable, shall be consulted as to the employment of such negroes, and all such regulations shall be made for their safety and protection as such owners or persons in charge of such negroes shall reasonably suggest.

SEC. 7. The said commission shall maintain frequent communications with the commanding general of the Confederate forces within this State, that it may be constantly informed of the necessity which may from time to time exist or arise for its exercise of the powers herein given and its discharge of the duties hereby imposed.

SEC. 8. The said commission shall keep a record of all its proceedings under this ordinance and report the same to the General Assembly of this State at its next annual meeting, unless previous to that time this convention shall be again assembled, and if so, such report shall then be made to this convention.

SEC. 9. When any sum of money shall be expended by or under the authority of the commissions herein proviremoval or support of the slaves, or in the removal of the produce or other property of any person, there shall be a specific lien upon the said slaves of such person for the repayment of the said sum of money after the termination of the existing war; which lien may be summarily enforced by seizure and sale.

SEC. 10. The said commissions are hereby authorized to draw upon the treasury of the State for the sums of money which may be necessary to enable them to execute the provisions of this ordinance, and that the Legislature be directed to provide ways and means to reimburse the treasury.

SEC. 11. That in the event of any vacancy in said commission the commission shall have power to fill such vacancy.

SEC. 12. That all corporations and openers of ferries whose means and facilities of transportation may be used in carrying out the purposes of this ordinance shall not be allowed to charge more than half the present rates.

Done at Columbia the 2d day of January, in the year of our Lord 1862.


President of the Convention.


Clerk of the Convention.

Resolved, That any person or persons willing immediately or in anticipation of the order of the commission to remove the negroes and