War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0119 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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circulation of the Treasury notes of this Government, immense amounts of spurious or counterfeit notes, purporting to be such Treasury notes, have been fabricated and advertised for sale in the enemy's country, and have been brought into these States and put in circulation by persons in the service of the enemy:

The Congress of the Confederate States [of America] do enact, [That] every person in the service of, or adhering to, the enemy, who shall pass or offer to pass any such spurious or counterfeit note or notes, as aforesaid, or shall sell or attempt to sell the same, or shall ring any such note or notes into the Confederate States, or shall have any such note or notes in his possession, with intent to pass or sell the same, shall, if captured, be put to death by hanging; and every commissioned officer of the enemy who shall permit any offense mentioned in this section to be committed by any person under his authority, shall be put to death by hanging. Every person charged with an offense punishable under this act shall be tried by a military court in such manner and under such regulations as the President shall prescribe; and, after convident may commute the punishment to imprisonment in such manner, and for such time, as he may deem proper, and may pardon the offender on such conditions as he may deem proper, or unconditionally.

Approved October 13, 1862.

AN ACT making appropriations for the support of the Government for the month of January, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, and for certain deficiencies and other purposes therein mentioned.

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That there be appropriated and paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the following sums of money and for the following purposes, viz:

For expenses of the month of January, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, in the War Department. -For compensation of the Secretary of War, Assistant Secretary of War, chief of bureau, clerks, messengers, etc., twelve thousand dollars.

For incidental and contingent expenses, seven thousand dollars.

Ordnance Bureau. -For ordnance service in all its branches, two million five hundred thousand dollars.

For the engineer service, five hundred thousand dollars.

For the purchase of iron and advances on contracts for same, five hundred thousand dollars.

For the purchase and manufacture of niter, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Quartermaster's Department. -For the pay of the Army, eighteen million six hundred and sixty thousand one hundred and eighty-nine dollars.

For the transportation of troops and their baggage, of quartermaster's stores, subsistence, ordnance and ordnance stores from place of purchase to troops in the field, the purchase of horses, mules, wagons and harness, the purchase of lumber, nails, iron and steel, for erecting store-houses, quarters for troops and other repairs, hire of teamsters, laborers, etc., seven million four hundred and sixty-four thousand and seventy-five dollars.

For pay for horses of non-commissioned officers and private killed in battle, under act number forty-eight, section seven, and for which provision is to be made, twenty-five thousand dollars.