War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0105 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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by a near relative of Mr. Fould, and if you think it desirable to enter into any arrangements and will give me your specific instructions the matter can be easily arranged. The establishment of credit here would save the Government from great embarrassment and the enormous loss on exchange which it now suffers, as well as relieve the agents abroad from the difficulties of which they complain. I have been requested by Messrs C. Girard & Co., who are making Le Mat's revolvers for the Government under contracts with the Navy and Army Departments with Colonel Le Mat, a partner in the factory, to forward their correspondence with the agents of those departments in Europe, and to request that effectual steps may be taken to fulfill the Government obligations in that respect. They complain of the loss of both time and money in consequence of the failure of Captain Huse to co-operate with them or carry out his instructions in spirit as well as in letter. I submit this matter without any expression of opinion to the proper departments, with a repetition of my suggestion that additional agents supplied with funds should be sent aborad for the purchase of arms, medicines, and other necessaries. I am happy to add that private enterprise is essaying new modes of supplying our wants in the way of new and swift steamers to run the blockade, hitherto too much of a monopoly in particular hands. A regard for private interests prevents my being more specific on this point; but this new enterprise is sure to be of great benefit to us, and should secure Government support if such be demanded. By another opportunity I may refer more particularly to this point. The proposals for ships come from the greatest shipbuilders in France, who have the patent for the "Fregates blindees. " I send them to the Navy Department and invoke the attention of the President and yourself to them. With reference to my own personal labors, I have only to say that I am making the best possible use of the resources available, but could greatly and advantageously extend the field of operations were those resources increased. If the struggle be retracted beyond the termination of this year I shall need fresh supplies.

Very respectfully,


The publication of your letter to Mr. Baylor, with appropriate comments relative to the stopPAGEof the cotton supply, has been attended to and has produced a strong impression here. Allow me to call your attention to the necessity of organizing a corps of messengers, coming and going at least once a month to and from the Confederate States. We have received no dispatches from you from months past. Private hands are not to be relied upon. I send this by a special messenger employed by myself.



Richmond, October 1, 1862.

* * * * *

II. Generals commanding will authorize their medical purveyors to impress all medical supplies held by speculators paying them the coast price for the articles. The generals will give the purveyors the necessary aid to carry this order into effect.

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector General.