War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0091 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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means for the support of Government," approved April eighteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, to issue in exchange for Treasury notes, bonds or certificates to be reconvertible in the same, at the pleasure of the holder, shall be extended from fifty millions to one hundred millions of dollars; but the said authority shall be exercised under all the conditions and limitations prescribed in the said act.

SEC. 3. The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to pay annually to interest accruing, on the first of January, on all interest-bearing Treasury notes, and to make all proper regulations in relation to such payment; Provided, That until six months after a treaty of peace, such payment shall be made in Treasury notes not bearing interest.

SEC. 4. The issue of Treasury notes under the denomination of five dollars is authorized to be extended to ten millions of dollars.

Approved September 23, 1862.

AN ACT to provide for the payment of certain claims against the Confederate States in the State of Missouri.

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That all officers and soldiers belonging to the Confederate States service who were enrolled into said service under the command of Major Gen. Sterling Price, in the State of Missouri, shall be allowed by the quartermasters of the respective corps in the Confederate Army to which such officers and soldiers may belong, compensation according to the laws of the Confederate States for that period of their service between the time of such troops having been actually enrolled in the Confederate service and the time of their regular acceptance by the proper authorities as Confederate troops.

SEC. 2. All officers and soldiers of the Missouri State Guard, called into the service of the Confederate States by the order of any commanding officer of the Confederate Army, and rendering service to the Confederate States under any agreement made between the authorities of the State of Missouri and those of the Confederate States, shall receive the same pay for the time during which such officers and soldiers may have been in such service as they would have been entitled to receive if belonging to the Confederate Army: Provided, however, That all staff officers belonging to said Missouri State Guard shall only receive for their services the same compensation with staff officers discharging like duties in the Confederate Army.

SEC. 3. Before any offer or soldier shall be entitled to receive pay under the provisions of the two preceding section, he shall presen to whom he may apply for payment a certificate signed by the commandant of the division, brigade, regiment or battalion to which he may have belonged at the time of the rendition of service, which certificate shall state the precise period during which such officer or soldier was in actual service, as contemplated in the first and second sections of this act: And provided, further, That the said officer or soldier shall file with the disbursing officer with whom his application for payment may be made is affidavit that the period stated in aid certificate is the true and correct time of his actual service as aforesaid, and that he is not indebted to the Confederate States on any account whatever; and thereupon it shall be the duty of any officer charged with the payment of troops to pay such claim.

Approved September 23, 1862.