War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0085 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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Richmond, September 17, 1862.

I. A. board of officers will convene in this city to examine applicants for appointments as artillery officers for ordnance duty. The Board will consist of Colonel T. S. Rhett, Provisional Artillery, on ordnance duty; Major S. Stansbury, Provisional Artillery, on ordnance duty; Captain Benjamin Sloan; Supt. W. Le Roy Brown. Captain Sloan will record the proceedings of the Board. The senior officer present will act as president, and will cause due notice to be given of the days and place of meeting of the Board, which will sit from time to time as candidates may apply for examination. The requisites to pass the examination will be:

First. An ordinary English education.

Second. A knowledge of arithmetic, including fractions.

Third. A knowledge of the Field Manual prepared under the direction of the Ordnance Bureau.

Fourth. The Board will also examine the credentials of the applicants and taken into consideration prior services tending to qualify them as artillery officers.

Fifth. The Board must satisfy themselves of the moral character of the candidates, and especially of their habitual sobriety, and they will pass no one physically unfit for the duties of an ordnance officer in the field.

After such examination as the Board thinks necessary the candidates will be arranged according to a roll of merit based upon examination and testimonials recommending them to such grade as they deem them qualified for, not above the grade of captain, the promotion to higher grade being dependent on vacancies in the field or at arsenals.

II. Paragraph III, General Orders, No. 65, current series, modified by paragraph I, General Orders, No. 67, is extended to embrace all soldiers sick in hospitals or on furlough.

III. All enrolling officers are hereby expressly prohibited from enrolling as conscripts foreigners no domiciled in the Confederate States. By domicile is meant permanent residence.

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector General.

[SEPTEMBER 18, 1862. -For Randolph to Mitchell, in relation to the receipt and disposition of arms, &c., see Series I, VOL. XIII, p. 881.]


Raleigh, N. C., September 18 [1862]


Ridgeway, N. C.:

DEAR SIR: I hear that an application has been made to you by several delegates to call the convention together again for the purpose of rectifying some omissions in the constitution. I have not investigated the subject sufficiently to judge of its necessity upon that ground, but I beg leave to join in the call for other reasons. Extortion and speculation have attained such proportions that I find on investigation it will be impossible to clothe or shoe our troops this winter without incurring a most enormous outlay and submitting to most