War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0083 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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Florida. -Captain John Westcott's company, Captain J. Q. Stewart's company, Captain W. J. Robinson's company, Captain S. W. Mays' company, Captain P. B. Bird's company.

North Carolina. -Captain T. W. Harris' company, Captain D. S. Davis' company, Captain F. G. Pitt's company, Captain A. McIntire's company, Captain A. B. Cox's company, Captain J. B. McClenahan's company, Captain J. T. Mitchell's company, Captain J. L. Lawrence's company.

Mississippi. -Captain G. E. Tola's company, Captain J. M. Poitevent's company.

Louisiana. -Captain W. B. Denson's company.

Virginia. -Captain L. R. Smoot's company.

South Carolina. -Captain J. H. Brook's company, Captain M. J. Kirk's company.

Georgia. -Captain E. C. Anderson's company, Captain W. L. Marler's company.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, &c.,


Adjutant and Inspector General.



Richmond, September 12, 1862.

I. Agreeably to paragraph I, General Orders, No. 56, current series, declaring that "military commanders have no authority to suspend the writ of habeas corpus," all proclamations of martial law by general officers and others, assuming a power vested only in the President, are hereby annulled.

II. Conscripts employed at the Government workshops of the Ordnance Department will not be interfered with by enrolling or other officers. All proceedings in reference to them will be made through the commanding officer of the ordnance establishments.

III. All conscripts or detailed or hired workmen engaged in such establishments will be provided with passes, signed by the officer immediately in charge and countersigned by Colonel J. Gorgas, Chief of Ordnance.

IV. The superintendent of the Niter and Mining Bureau, or such officers as he may designate, are authorized and required to impress for the Government any mineral mines or niter caves or deposits required for the wants of the service, in all cases where such mines, caves, or deposits are suffered to remain unworked, or which may be imperfectly worked by the owner or lessor. Compensation for ore, earth, buildings, timber, and all materials necessary for such work thus taken and used may be settled by private agreement or by arbitration, under the direction of the Niter and Mining Bureau.

V. Enrolling and recruiting officers, in the discharge of their duties under the conscript or other acts, are enjoined not to remove or interfere with workmen or employees at the niter, lead, or copper works, or mines worked by Government officers, or by contractors for the Ordnance Department, without first apprising and obtaining the consent of the superintendent or officer in charge, who will be held strictly responsible for any abuse or evasion of the law.

VI. Through an error in the printed text of the Army Regulations of the Confederate States, quartermasters have allowed to servants issues of fuel and straw, &c. All officers of the Quartermaster's Department will hereafter take notice that such allowances