War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0071 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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In view of the exigency of the case, the regiment referred to being already withdrawn, the Governor has determined to raise from your division 500 troops to serve for thirty days, at the expiration of which they will be relieved by a force of 600 raised from other divisions. The Governor is aware that your command is greatly reduced from the very liberal contribution of volunteer to the Confederate service, and that it has already contributed more perhaps than any other section of the State in furnishing State troops to the defense of Mobile. Movements are, however, about being made which will require a much larger force of State troops, and your division will be exempted from any future call, except under the most pressing emergencies, until all the other divisions have been called out. Dispatch also is necessary, and from its local position it is presumed that the necessary force can be raise from your division for the term of thirty days much sooner than from any other division for a longer term.

Under these circumstances, therefore, the Governor orders that you will raise from your command with the utmost dispatch, by draft or otherwise, as you may deem proper, 500 troops, to proceed to Gainesville, reporting on arrival to the Confederate officer in command at that post, by whom they will be mustered into the Confederate service for a term not exceeding thirty days. Each man will furnish his own clothing and blankets for the term of service, and a serviceable gun, if possible, as well as such other equipments as may be needed, with cooked rations sufficient to last from the rendezvous to Gainesville and one day over. Transportation on railroads and steam-boats, if on the direct route, will be furnished.

In raising this force the commanding general has authority, either by himself or by delegating it to his officers, to make details from regiments, battalions, companies, or parts of companies, or by drafting the quota required from all or any part of his command, regulating the exercise of this authority by a just and sound discretion with reference to the general or partial security of the country, and such other considerations as may be deemed proper in military aspect. As the principal object in calling upon your division is to secure at the earliest possible moment the presence of the required force at Gainesville, the Governor hopes that the utmost dispatch will be urged by you upon your officers in raising the force called for.

Respectfully, &c.,



Raleigh, August 23, 1862.


Secretary of War, Richmond, Va.:

SIR: In a former communication I called your attention to the great number of partisan-ranger companies getting up in every section of our State, their inefficiency unless well officered, and the impossibility of getting proper officers now; the ruinous expense of mounted companies; but now, particularly, the great detriment it was working to the conscript law. You replied that I had over estimated the number of these companies, an sent me from your office a list of the battalions and companies that had been authorized. That list shows that you are not properly informed of the extend of this business, for it does not contain one-third of the companies that are advertised to be