War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0070 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Richmond, August 26, 1862.

I. Major-General Huger, having been appointed inspector of ordnance and artillery for the C. S. Army, is authorized to inspect and examine into all the establishments of the Ordnance Department, and the works of all contractors for this department, including all foundries and mines of iron, lead, copper, and niter working under permanent contract, and the condition and armament of all forts and batteries, and to give such orders and instructions as will tend to increase their efficiency. All commanding officers and others in charge of such works are required to give him all facilities and assistance in their power in the performance of his duties. Such orders and instructions as he may consider necessary, and as do not conflict with the orders of this Department, will be considered the orders of the War Department, and will be transmitted at once through the office of the Chief of Ordnance. Reports of inspections will be remitted to the War Department through the same channels. The rules and mode of inspection will be, in other respects, in conformity with section Ii of the Regulations of the Ordnance Department, approved February 1, 1862. All officers of the Quartermaster's Department are required to furnish transportation to himself and his aides and assistants on his order. Where there are no lines of transportation he will procure it, and keep an account of the actual expenses, which account will be paid by the Quartermaster's Department on his certificate and order. *

* * *

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector General.

RICHMOND, August 26, 1862.


British Consul, Mobile, Ala.:

I have telegraphed to Major W. G. Swanson as follows:

Instruct your enrolling officers, and especially those at Mobile, not to enroll foreigners unless they are permanent residents of the Confederate States; and that the oath of the party supported by the oath of one credible witness is deemed by the Department sufficient proof in such cases.


Secretary of War.

MONTGOMERY, August 28, 1862.


Comdg. Third Division, Alabama Militia, Greensborough:

Major-General Price, in order to insure success in the offensive operations he is about assuming has found it necessary to withdraw all of the Confederate troops employed to garrison the different posts in his command, leaving that duty ton be performed by the militia of the States, respectively, within whose limits the posts are established. Among others, he has taken the regiment stationed at Gainesville, which has been guarding the public workshops and stores at that point, and has called upon Alabama for a sufficient military force to take its place and discharge this important duty.


*For paragraph II of this order see Series II, VOL. IV, p. 864.