War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0056 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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elapsed to determine whether the measures heretofore devised by Congress will accomplish the end of bringing the expenditures of the Department within the limit of its own revenues by the 1st of March next, as required by the Constitution.

I am happy to inform you that in spite of both blandishments and treats, used in profusion by the agents of the Government of the United States, the Indian nations within the Confederacy have remained firm in their loyalty and steadfast in the observance of their treaty engagements with this Government. Nor has their fidelity been shaken by the fact that, owing to the vacancies in some of the offices of agents and superintendents, delay has occurred in the payments of the annuities and allowances to which they are entitled. I would advise some provision authorizing payments to be made by other officers, in the absence of those specially charged by law with this duty.

We have never-ceasing cause to be grateful for the favor with which God has protected our infant Confederacy. And it becomes us reverently to return our thanks and humbly to ask of His bounteousness that wisdom which is needful for the performance of the high trusts with which we are charge.



Richmond, August 18, 1862.

In conformity with paragraph II, General Orders, No. 53, War Department, Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, July 31, 1862, medical directors, chief surgeons of division, and senior surgeons of brigade are not to be considered a part of the personal staff of their commanding generals. They are general staff officers, and are to be required to attend to all the particular duties of their position in the army, division, or brigade, and any change of generals of these commands does not involve them. Should different armies be consolidated under one commander, the medical directors of the armies thus absorbed cease to act as such. They must report to, and will be governed by the orders of, the medical director of the commanding general.




Tallahassee, Fla., August 18, 1862.

The Honorable Senators and Representatives of the State of Florida, Richmond, Va.:

GENTLEMEN: Should the act of Congress relative to conscripts be amended so as to embrace persons over the age of thirty-five years there should be a saving clause in the act to retain in this State for local defense such of our citizens as shall be made subject by the amendment.

a very large proportion of those now in the service as volunteers are over thirty-five years old.

Some over that age are substitutes, and those who furnished substitutes should be made subject to perform duty for local defense against invasion.