War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0021 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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troops, there is a wide difference in the merits of their officers, and if the discretion reserved to the Department to change the order of the distribution be exercised, the good of the service would seem to require that the best officered regiments should be preferred. Should this test be adopted you would have little to fear for your brigade.

The number of conscripts in this State will probably not exceed 10,000, unless we can expel the enemy from North Alabama. If we can do this and can enforce the law in that section of the State we may get 3,000 more. Counting the unattached companies and battalions in service on the 16th of April last and they would be equal to about thirty-two regiments. From the best information I have it will require an average of full 400 to a regiment to bring it up to the minimum standard.

You will observe also that the inclosed regulations require the colonels of regiments, &c., to send copies of their muster-rolls to the commandant of the proper camp of instruction in their respective States, with officers to take charge of such recruited as may be furnished to each regiment, &c.

Major W. G. Swanson has been detailed under paragraph 1, and has established one camp in Macon County and another at Talladega, and will, I suppose, hereafter designate the camp to which the conscripts from the different counties will be assigned. The commandant of camp No. 2 has not yet been appointed, but as Major Swanson is charged, under the paragraph last referred to, with the disposition of the recruits, I suppose his camp, which is No. 1, is the proper camp, within the meaning o the regulations. I inclose you a copy of General Orders, No. 1, from the headquarters of Major Swanson. *

In conclusion I have only to add that both the Governor and myself will take much pleasure in doing anything that can properly be done to advance the efficiency of your command.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Adjutant and Inspector General.

[JULY 29, 1862. -For authority to D. H. Hill to raise partisan rangers in Gates County, N. C., and Nansemond County, Va., see Series I, VOL. LI, Part II, p. 601.]

[JULY 29, 1862. -For Davis to Harris, in regard to recruiting for the Tennessee regiments serving in Virginia, see Series I, VOL. LII, Part II, p. 333.]


Montgomery, Ala., July 30, 1862.


Secretary of War:

SIR: I am credibly informed that a company of responsible men, citizens of the Confederate States, propose to ship cotton out of the port of Mobile in exchange for salt. The salt is to be first imported through the blockade by permission of the U. S. officers, and the cotton then carried out to pay for the salt. The arrangement is to be


*Not found.