War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1177 ALTERNATE DESIGNATIONS

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Alternate designation in black-faced type, the official designation, reference, or State to which organization belongs follows in italics.

Adams Light Guard Batt., Inf., Mississippi.

Attala Guards, Inf., Mississippi.

Balfour's (J. W.) Inf., 6th Miss. Batt.

Bate's (W. B.) Inf., 2d Ten., (Prov. Army).

Bate's (J.) Inf., 13th Tex.

Biloxi Rifle Guards, Inf., Mississippi.

Bonham's (D. W. C.) Inf., 22d Miss.

Bradford's (C. M.) Inf., 15th La.

Cantey's (J.) Inf., 15th Ala.

Carroll Guards, Inf., Louisiana.

Chastain's (E. W.) Inf., 8th Ga. State Troops.

Chickasaw Dragons, Cav., Mississippi.

Churchill's (T. J.) Ca., 1st Ark., Mtd. Rifles.

Clarkson's (A. W.) Art. See Helena Art. Arkansas.

Cobb's Legion, Georgia.

Colquitt's (A. H.) Inf., 6th Ga.

Columbus Riflemen, Inf., Mississippi.

Covington Guards, Inf., Mississippi.

Crane's (J. P.) Inf., 59th Va.

Crescent Blues, Inf., Louisiana.

Crescent Rifles, Inf., 1st La. Batt.

Darnell's (N. H.) Cav., 18th Tex.

Donaldsonville Art., Louisiana.

Dougherty Guards, Inf., Georgia.

Dougherty Hussars, Cav., See Cobb's Legion, Ga.

Dreux's (C. D.) Inf., 1st La. Batt.

Enterprise Guards, Inf., Mississippi.

Flournoy's (G.) Inf., 16th Tex.

Floyd Sharpshooters, Inf., 21st Ga.

Ford's (J. S.) Cav., 2d Tex. Mtd. Rifles.

Gainesville Volunteers, Inf., Mississippi.

Garland's (R. R.) Inf., 6th Tex.

Gartrell's (L. J.) Inf., 7th Ga.

Gordon (J.) Cav., Mississippi.

Greer's (E.) Cav., 3d Tex.

Gregg's (J.) Inf., 7th Tex.

Gregg's (M.) Inf., 1st S. C. (Prov. Army).

Grivot Guards, Inf., 1st La. Batt.

Hampton Legion, South Carolina.

Hardaway's (R. A.) Art., Alabama.

Helena Art., Arkansas.

Irrepressibles, Inf., Mississippi.

Jackson Regiment, Inf., 21st La. (Kennedy).

Jeff. Davis Legion, Cav., Mississippi.

Johnson's (J. A. W.) Inf., 34th Ga.

Johnson's (M. T.) Cav., 14th Tex.

Kemper's (D.) Art., Virginia.

Kershaw's (J. B.) Inf., 2d S. C.

King's (B. S.) Cav. See Cobb's Legion, Georgia.

Latham's (H. G.) Art. Virginia.

Lauderdale Rifles, Inf., Mississippi.

Locke's (M. F.) Cav., 10th Tex.

Loudoun Art., Virginia.

Louisiana Foot Rifles, Inf., Louisiana.

Louisiana Guards, Inf., 1st La. Batt.

Lowndes County Home Guards, Inf., Mississippi.

McCulloch's (H. E.) Cav., 1st Tex. Mtd. Rifles.

McDaniel's (C. A.) Inf., 41st Ga.

McGowan's (S.) Inf., 14th S. C.

Maney's (G.) Inf., 1st Ten.

Marigny's (M. de) Inf., 10th La.

Marion Inf., Louisiana.

Maxey's (S. B.) Inf., 9th Tex.

Monroe Light Inf., Mississippi.

Monroe Riflemen, Inf., Mississippi.

Montgomery True Blues, Inf., 3d Ala.

Morrison Regiment, inf., 21st Ga.

North Carolina, 9th Regt., 1st N. C. Cav.

North Carolina, 10th Regt., 1st N. C. Lt. Art.

North Carolina, 10th Regt. * 2d N. C. Cav.

North Carolina, 11th Regt. + 1st N. C. Lt. Art.

North Carolina, 19th Regt., 2d N. C. Cav.

Noxubee Riflemen, Inf., Mississippi.

O'Connor Rifles, Inf., Mississippi.

Orleans Art., Louisiana.

Orleans Cadets, Inf., 1st La. Batt.

Orleans Chasseurs, Inf., Louisiana.

Orr's (J. L.) Inf., 1st S. C., Rifles.

Palmetto Art., 3d S. C. Lt. Batt.

Parson's (W. H.) Cav., 12th Tex.

Phillips Legion, Georgia.

Point Coupee Light Art., Louisiana.

Polish Brigade, Inf., 14th and 15th La.

Port Gibson Riflemen, Inf., Mississippi.

Public Guard, Inf., Virginia.

Quitman Guards, Inf., Mississippi.


*Afterward 19th Regiment.

+Afterward 10th Regiment.