War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1153 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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Major Marigny commanding. In Florida (no station named yet): Office recommended by General Finegan - name not remembered. Has he not been appointed? In Mississippi (tendered to Colonel Falconer): Not heard from. In Tennessee (suspended in East Tennessee): No appointment made. In Arkansas (no appointment made). Send General Lee copies of instructions, Order No. 30, and subsequent letter. Inform him that several regiments and companies have been disbanded and the men between eighteen and thirty-five retained; that officers have been authorized in many cases to enroll; that no report of number enrolled has yet been received, although enrollment is known to be going on.

MONTGOMERY, ALA., June 13, 1862.


Headquarters, near Corinth, Miss.:

MY DEAR GENERAL: When the half million of coin belonging to the Canal Bank was seized by military authority at Jackson on the 18th ultimo I immediately sent two dispatches by reliable merchants of New Orleans to Monroe and Shreveport, advising the detention of the coin of the Citizens' or other banks whose coin it was said had been taken to the latter place. On yesterday I received a letter from Hon. C. H. Morrison, of Monroe, dated the 23d ultimo, in which he states that he had dispatched, advising the seizure, to three or four of the prominent and loyal citizens of Shreveport, from which I infer that the coin at that place will be seized. The bank presidents did agree with General Butler in good faith to bring their coin back to their vaults, as the copies of correspondence in my possession between them and General Butler proves, to the lasting shame of those gentlemen. All the coin of the banks that was sent out of the city on the left bank of the Mississippi is in possession of the Government, or placed beyond the possibility of being carried to the city. I deposited here on the 30th ultimo to the credit of the Secretary of the Treasury $1,700,000, which included the coin seized at Columbus, Miss., and $500,000 seized at Jackson. The coin in the Bank of Louisiana, $2,500,000, has already been taken to Columbus, Ga., by permission of the Government.

With best wishes for your health, I remain, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


[JUNE 13, 1862. - For Moore to Randolph, in relation to the organization of partisan rangers in Louisiana, see Series I, VOL. LIII, p. 813.]


Columbia, S. C., June 13, 1862.

General COOPER,

Adjutant and Inspector General C. S. Army, Richmond, VA.:

GENERAL: I am daily expecting the conscript enrollment made by the State authorities to be handed to me. It is made according to State laws, differing materially from Confederate laws. Referring to my notes of the 5th and 6th, I ask, shall I accept the enrollment thus