War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 1151 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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it completely, but I deem it best that you should see my letter that you may see the error which has occurred. It was very apparent to me that you were not aware of the meaning attached here to "State troops. " The term was used here for troops for the war in contradistinction to twelve-months' volunteers, and you will see by reference to your letter of April 30 that you directed the discharge of men in the State troops over thirty-five. It will occasion some disappointment, but it will soon be understood. If you think any publication necessary, your short letter to-day will be sufficient. I will try to correct this impression in our regiments.

H. T. C.


The phrase "State troops" was intended for troops raised for State service and turned over to the Confederate service under the provisions of an act passed since the conscript law. I did not advert to the act that in North Carolina this promise had been given to troops raised for the Confederate service. To them my letter was not intended to apply.

G. W. R.



Richmond, June 13, 1862.

I. With the consent and approbation of His Excellency Governor Letcher, all sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, and constables of the State of Virginia are authorized and requested to apprehend deserters from the Army, wherever they may be found, and to deliver them to an officer of the Army, at the most convenient post or station, or to lodge them in jail, and to report their names and regiments to General S. Cooper, Adjutant and Inspector General, Richmond. Thirty dollars will be paid for all deserters delivered to an officer, and $15 for each deserter lodged in jail. No allowance will be made for the expenses of apprehension and transportation. All jailers receiving deserters are requested to detain them. The usual allowance for the support of prisoners will be made.

II. Transfers from the line to partisan corps will not be permitted, and if any officer of partisan corps knowingly enlist them from the line, the authority to raise the partisan corps will be revoked, in addition to such punishment as a court-martial may inflict.

III. The attention of officers in command of forts and other positions is called to the necessity of making every exertion upon withdrawal to save the ammunition and power under their control. The waster which was lately occurred on such occasions will, if continued, produce great mischief and possibly irreparable loss.

IV. All officers paying bounty to volunteers before having them examined by an Army surgeon or assistant surgeon, and duly mustered into the service, will be required to refund it themselves.

V. Commanders of regiments of other corps having medical officers will report the names of the surgeons and assistant surgeons who lose their surgical instruments, or who from any cause appear on the field without surgical instruments, or undertake to discharge their regimental duties without them.

VI. When vacancies occur among the company officers of reorganized regiments the brigade commander will announce in orders the